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Fitness / Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Fresh Mind Fit Body Fitness program review

Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk 19th Commonwealth Games Pole VaultingI follow @AmandaBisk on Instagram and love seeing her posts show up in my feed. She had been posting about a sale she has on her Fresh Mind Fit Body Training program and I clicked through the link to read more. Because, why not.

I was excited to see that she had a free Fresh Mind Fit Body 7-day Pre Training download available. A freebie? Count me in! You too? Then you’re one my kind of person, haha

Amanda Bisk is an Austrailian Pole Vaulter who had her sights set on the London Olympics back in 2011. After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue she decided to stop pole vaulting. Of course I am cutting straight to important facts, read more details here. Eventually she went to the doctor and prescribed anti-depressants but chose not to take them. It’s a personal choice to take them. Even I was told I had a choice and could find other ways than a pill to help my life.

Amanda worked hard, took the knowledge she knew about health, nutrition, fitness and continued to learn. Then applied this knowledge to herself and slowly she found she became healthier, happier… she was healing. It was a long process, any journey to recovery is long. But am I ever glad she made it because Amanda now has a large following because of her inspiring story and great fitness tips.


Fresh Body Fit Mind

Fresh Mind Fit Body

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Difficulty Level : 3-Months Jog/Running or Equal Experience Recommended

Length: 20 Minute Workouts

What I thought:

My Experience

Day 1: I didn’t want to finish today. Let’s be honest, this is a lot harder than it looks on paper. Either that or I am not nearly as good shape as I think I am. Probably the latter.  Basically I stopped a lot and breathed. I finished after pausing my timer in the middle of the workout. I felt I was wasting precious workout time. I tried to keep track of how many sets I could do in each section of the workout.   |   S1-2.5 Sets     |   S2- 3.5 Sets   |   S3- 3 Sets   |  Overall, not bad. I felt so accomplished the rest of the day.

Day 2: I was pumped up and ready for this workout. Woke up, got the Bean ready and we went to the sunniest park I knew of at that time of the morning. I was sweating and panting within minutes, again. But I didn’t hesitate or stop my workout this time. I paused for a few breathers, but I was more aware and more than capable of tackling this workout.   |   S1-3 Sets   |   S2-2.75 Sets   |   S3-1 set   | Man was I ever glad the last set only required you to go through once. Again, my day was excellent. Within 20 minutes of my workout I felt back to normal, but with an extra level of energy and success filling my day.

Day 3: Today was excellent. I completed more sets than I expected.    |   S1- 3 Sets   |   S2-5 Sets   |   S3-3 Sets   |   I felt great pushing my limits, and I felt way more in control of my burpees. I am definitely seeing a fitness improvement. Also, pretty sure I saw a glimpse of the outline of a 2-pack this morning. Not yet a 6-pack. I’m working on it. I feel better about myself everyday, seeing what I am capable of completing. It’s great. Fresh Mind Fit Body for sure!

Day 4: This workout was set up a bit differently. If you were a cheerleader when I was captain, you’ll remember a little thing I liked to call 10 to 1‘s. This was part of the workout today! Not how we did it, with different exercises… I’m trying not to give away too much info, but I am excited to share how awesome this workout plan is so you’ll try it out.   |   S1: 2 Sets   | S2: 10 to 1 back up to 7   |   S3- 2 Sets   |   I did way better on my 10 to 1’s than I had expected of myself. Today’s workout was GREAT!

Day 5: Today’s workout layout was different than the rest of the week, an enjoyable yet still challenging change. HOWEVER, I had pushed myself a bit harder at the end of my workout. Because… feel the burn. And I had a sore lower back almost instantly. So, keep at your fitness level, don’t try to push yourself too hard. I knew that, but always worth repeating when forgotten.   |   S1: 2.5 Sets   |   S2: 7 Sets   |   S3: 7 Sets   |

Day 6: This is a day where we decide what activity to do. As my back was still sore I decided to do several lower back yoga videos on Youtube. I really enjoyed today being a flex day as it worked great with my overexertion from the day before. My back got stretched and worked enough that I could go about my day normally without any serious pain.

Day 7: Rest Day. Much awaited for, although yesterday I only did Yoga and that makes me feel like that was a decent ‘rest’. I had to re-read the fine print on the pre-training handout and I realized I could do another round of gentle Yoga. So that’s what I did.

Fresh Mind Fit Body Fitness program review

Final Thoughts: I really really enjoyed this Fresh Mind Fit Body Pre Training Program. 7- days was a perfect trial time to convince me that the Full program is worth a purchase. I feel stronger, I can perform exercises I didn’t think I could at the beginning of the week. And even though I hurt myself on day 5, day 6 and 7 were recovery and I felt fine.

Oh, and did I mention I definitely saw my abs come through on the day I decided to eat clean? Then some cheesecake entered my life and that was the end of that.

I’d highly recommend you try out this 7-day Fresh Mind Fit Body pre training program if you’re in the market for purchasing a full program but want to see if it will be a fit for you before you spend your hard earned cash. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either way.

Amanda also includes a description of how her full program is different than the 7-day trial. So you get an idea of why purchasing the full product is worth it. But you might be like me right now, and just in the mood to try a bunch of different workout programs and see which I enjoy the most, then try out the pre training program and check back next week for my next Fitview – Fitness Review.

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