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Fitness / Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

DVD Workout Review

Gregory and I head over to the library a lot during the rainy season. This allows me to pick up a new fitness DVD to use inside the house when I don’t want to go outside for a run. Today I wanted to share with you celebrity trainer, Amy Dixon’s Give Me 10 More. Come along for my journey, I’ve found a sample of it on YouTube for you.

Check out this Fitness DVD by Amy Dixon, 2015's Fitness Instructor of the year. Read about this workout and try the sample abs video by clicking hereAmy Dixon

Want to workout with a great trainer? You’ve got to jump in on (2015’s) Fitness Instructor of the Year, Amy Dixon. She’s published in numerous fitness magazines, she’s a coach, a spokesperson, has been featured on many famous American morning/ talk shows and has a collection of workout DVD’s. Oh, did I mention she’s also a mom of two girls?

Something I really enjoy about Amy is that she’s a real person. I mean, body type wise. She looks amazing, she looks healthy and fit, but her body doesn’t seem unattainable. As a mother, I can strive to have a shape like hers. I follow a lot of fitness accounts on Instagram, and the bodies I currently follow are amazing, but not in my future. I can, however, look as good as Amy does. Healthy, happy and setting a great example for my kid.

As previously stated, Amy Dixon is a celebrity trainer. Her favourite star to train… Jodie Foster. #TheMoreYouKnow I highly recommend reading her about me page on her website, guaranteed to make you want to try her workouts simply because you like her as a person. On her website Q and A page, there was a question that she answered that has made me want to do further research and perhaps cut out an exercise I’ve been doing for years from my workouts.

Amy Dixon Presents Give me 10 More! a Fitness DVD that will have you feeling stronger in no time, check out this fitness bloggers review here

Give Me 10 More

Fitness DVD by Amy Dixon


Duration: 60 Minutes

Equipment: Hand weights, Yoga Mat (Optional)

Difficulty: Any Level


10 Minute Core Makeover

Above is a snippet of what you will get when you workout with Amy Dixon’s Give me 10 More Fitness DVD. This was my favourite section of the workout, and I shall follow along after I’m done writing this post.

I think one of the best parts about this DVD is that you can mix and match which parts of your body you want to work. Do a total body workout, or focus on arms and core one day and legs and cardio on another.

My Experience

I did not complete this whole DVD in one workout session before I had to return it to the library. I know my fitness level and I can’t complete the full 60 minutes before I pass out. Instead I broke down and completed several 30 minute workouts over the course of a week. Always starting with the cardio and total body shred. I found that I was feeling the burn before the first 10 minutes were complete every time, the sign of a great workout.

Abs are made in the kitchen, but it’s also important to have some muscle there to show when the chips and chocolate bloat is gone. This core makeover had me doing some exercises that were brand new to me, and I felt the burn. One week later and paired with trail running 3x’s a week, I lost a few centimeters off my waist. Definitely feel my core is stronger when I run.

I have weak upper body strength and really enjoyed the fact that Amy utilizes weight. My goal is to gain muscle, not get skinny. Working out with weights makes you work harder during your workout and afterwards you continue to burn calories and build muscle. Remember, you build muscle during recovery. I can tell my arms are slowly gaining the muscle they once had when I was a cheerleader. I just want to be #Jacked again.

be kind to yourself in your fitness routine quote by Amy Dixon. Learn more about Amy and check out her workout DVD preview here
Before You Go

If you want to buy this DVD on Amazon, you can check it out here. I suggest checking out your local library and maybe requesting them to buy it if you can’t afford to buy a copy for yourself. Libraries are always taking recommendations for their next purchase order from the borrowers.

I recommend this fitness DVD to those who are looking for a challenge, those who are moms who want a real person leading their workout that they can relate to, and anyone who is looking for short and custom workouts. I hope to see another of Amy;s fitness DVDs in my library so I can experience more of her workouts. I really enjoyed it.

If you’re looking for more workout ideas, check out more of my Fitviews – Fitness Reviews. I am trying hard to get back into shape, mostly so I can fit into my summer dresses that I bought and wore last year. I felt so pretty. I’m currently training for a 5k race by trail running about 6k every day. I plan on taking Gregory along with me in the stroller on race day. It’s going to be very fun, I can’t wait to update you on it, check back soon!


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