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Fitness / Monday, October 24th, 2016

Dancing for a Sweat

I am a natural dancer, have been dancing my whole life. I even won a scholarship to take two evening calsses a week after cheerleading practice. I have always been moving and I love it when I find a YouTube dance workout video because I feel like I am a teenager again. Something I think all moms need to feel again.

Today I wanted to share with you two shorter dance workout videos that’ll be sure to get you sweating.

Dance your way with with these great workouts from ICON UK and Danielle Peazer


I’m not very keen on the YouTube beauty gurus. I’m not very skilled in the make up & hair department and I have never had money to buy all the products creators talk about. Sure, I watch them on occassion, but I’m just not fully aware of what’s what and who’s who. But I’m sure you’ll know a few of these names I throw out here in just a moment.

ICON UK is a sub channel of ICON, a larger media network. This UK channel is brought to you by well known gurus like Michelle Phan, Danielle Peazer, Sunbeamjess, Kaushal Beauty and Melanie Murphy. I have heard of Michelle Phan before, but the rest of the names are brand new to me.

These ICON girls upload videos here 3 days a week and try to mix up their content to promote healthy bodies and body positivity. If you head on over to their YouTube channel you’ll find hair and make up tutorials, lookbooks and get ready with  me videos. As well as recipes, workouts and motivational pep talks.

Danielle Peazer

The most popular videos are the workout videos, and for good reason. Lead by Danielle Peazer who has worked with artists like Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and even got to perform at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… oh man and that’s just to name a few! I like this little lady already. #GirlCrush

Oh, you can watch her perform in the video above with Mathew Morrison.

Let’s get right into the video workouts. If you want to learn more about Danielle you can check out her personal YouTube channel or her Website here. For today’s workout I chose two videos, making my workout just under 20 minutes.


Dance Workout : Toned Legs

Website: https://www.facebo

Direct Link: https://yout

Youtube Channel: https://www.yout

Duration: 6:42

Equipment: None

Difficulty: Great for all levels of fitness.

My Experience

Starting off with some plyometric training, you’re legs are going to get a workout with this one. I enjoy workouts that have jumping motions because I am a jumper.

Meaning the day I learned how to jump for Cheerleading is the day I was destined to blow everyone’s minds with my ability to kick off the ground and throw my body around. I just like being in the air. It’s like I’m flying!

While this isn’t intense plyometrics, this dance workout had you jumping from one foot to the other and bouncing around. I found it very effective and felt the burn.

Lunge and Pulse

One of the moves requires you to lunge right down onto one leg with your other extended to the side. This move is hard. If you go into the video description box (on YouTube) you can read some information about the workout and how to modify these more advanced moves. I didn’t follow along exactly as Danielle instructed because I would have fallen over. Modify the moves and read the description first so you know which moves you’ll want to switch up.

I only completed this once through and wanted to switch up the video. However you can run through this video twice for a short 15 minute workout if you have a tight schedule one day and need to get your sweat on in a short time frame.

Hip Hop Dance Workout


Direct Link: https://www.yout

Duration: 10:39

Equipment: None

Difficulty: You may need to do it twice to follow along the faster moves

My Experience

This workout is split into three parts, a warm up, workout and cool down. I basically used the previous video as a warm up (it was more than just a warm up!) and was suddenly worried that this new warm up would make me lose motivation to keep working out.

I didn’t need to worry, because as soon as we started I could change up my intensity to keep the workout on max. It’s hip hop, so I also got to throw in some of my personal style. That’s what is so great about hip hop dance workouts, you can just have fun with it and make the moves ‘you’.

It can also be a downside. Especially with hip hop. Because you can start to isolate the moves when you throw in too much style and then you aren’t getting the full motion in your workout. You’ll for sure still work up a sweat though. Dancing is an aerobic exercise.

Part Two

Around the 2:17 mark you start part two of this workout video. It’s a lot of abs, can you see her abs? If this is what Danielle does on the daily to achieve her flat stomach… sign me up. Your core is engaged this entire section of the video basically and you end with burning your abs and legs with a ‘kickbox’.

Here you’ll get Danielle talking and not just a voice over like the start of this video. Which, again, is something I really enjoy when I follow along a workout video. I want to hear the instructor panting alongside me. Of course they’ll be in more control than me, but if it’s a workout that pushes them hard in a short amount of time… sign me up!

Cool Down

This cool down section is where I would say this workout gets hard. Not physically hard on your muscles, but more hard to follow along. The moves aren’t broken down as slowly as I would’ve like.

But I’m sure when I come back to repeat this workout in the future I will like this feature. It’s a video where you’ll want to complete it more than one time to really have the whole thing down.

Check out professional dancer Danielle Peazer and her workout videos that you can access for FREE! It's a great way to work up a sweat. Come dance with us

Workout Video Features

I’ve not come across a dance workout video that didn’t have music playing the background. You know I’ve had a bad experience with one, and now I have had an amazing dance workout with GREAT music where the instructor stays on beat.

Course, she’s a professional working dancer. I wouldn’t expect anything less. But this is a major plus in my books as I know it isn’t always a common thing on YouTube thanks to music copyright laws.

The countdown timer in the upper left hand corner counts down to the end of the workout. It isn’t overly large and distracting from the workout. Definitely enjoyed being able to see how long it took to do a dance set before we repeated and switched moves. The dance sequences aren’t very long, so go all out and get ready to learn the next choreography.

The last thing I wanted to touch on with these videos is that Danielle is amazing at keeping the energy up in the video.  I appreciate when the instructor tells me that they too feel the struggle because I like to be reminded that the struggle is real. Also, she reminds me to breathe, engage my core and to have fun with it.

Before You Go

I really enjoyed Danielle Peazer and ICON UK’s dance workout videos. There is a large selection available on their Channel and I would be more than willing to try out some more. I would definitely recommend these videos to anyone who wants a fun workout. And to the ex-dancer who lost all their skill but still loves to move, this is  goodie. Let me know what you thought of this workout in the comments below.

If you’re looking for another dance workout, check out The Fitness Marshall. It’s my go-to’s for Dance workouts online that offers songs you’ll hear on the Top 20 Countdown. Want a workout that has dance influence but is more of a workout than dancing, check out this Kickboxing Ballet Body Sculpt Workout. It’s more kickboxing than ballet, but you’re back, buns and calves will feel the burn.

At least you’ll get a cute bulldog to look at and distract you for that body sculpt. Until next time, my friend. Enjoy your workout.




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