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Fitness / Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

It’s time for a new Fitview – Fitness Review on a workout DVD. Actually, 2 workout DVD’s. I had so much fun with Kili that I hope you seek her out and workout, Hawaiian Style. Today I wanted to share with you some of my experience working out Hawaiian style following along to Island Girl Dance Workouts with Kili.

island girl dance workout DVD review

Fun Katrina Fact

In the Winter I lose my pigmentation and take after my Momma Bear. But the Summer is when I thrive; mind, soul, and body. My skin wakes up, and easily picks up a tan and shows that I am indeed a person of colour thanks to my birth father. My body runs on this cycle it seems to me. Half the year I look white, half the year I look like a POC.

I love my background and am unashamed to share it with people, although it wasn’t always like that. But that’s a story for another post. Today I wanted to share some background my ethnicity. Most readers may already know, I am of First Nation descent. But not many know that there is a small lineage line that draws from the elsewhere.

That’s right, I’m part Hawaiian. Not very much, but the connection is rather amazing if you believe it. I’m still undecided some days, and one day I will do further research on my ancestors and determine if this fun fact is correct. According to family, I am a descendant of the King Kamehameha’s brother. Yup, royalty in the house, heyyy.

Dance Fitness DVD’s with Kili

I found Hula Buns and Abs with Kili at a thrift store one day and scooped it up. A dance workout? Don’t mind if I do. Hula Dancing? Don’t mind if I do. Take me back to beautiful Hawaii? Don’t mind if I do! Filmed in Hawaii, Kili’s homeland, you get a great dance workout with a hula focus. There are 6 DVD’s in total, I have tried 2 and I bolded them.

  • Hula Buns and Abs with Kili
  • Tahitian Hip Hop with Kili
  • Basic Hula with Kili
  • Hula for Weight Loss with Kili
  • Cardio Hula with Kili
  • Tahitian Cardio

It’s a 30-minute dance workout DVD that includes a warm-up, workout, dance routine performance, and a cool down. During the warm-up and workout, you learn different steps to a dance and then get to repeat it several times at the end of your workout. Kili leads you through each dance move, progressively making it more difficult or alternative moves to really make you work your body and get a sculpted body.

island girl buns and abs workout dvd

Hula Buns and Abs with Kili

I absolutely love this DVD, I use it at least once weekly, either for a workout for just to have some fun. The first time I did this workout I had a blast and had a great workout that left me sweating. I found it difficult at times to follow along on time, but I just slowed down and knew that I needed practice, I would get better next time. The following day I did feel soreness in my abs, which made me very happy.

The following times I completed Hula Buns and Abs it was much easier and more fun. Easier in the fact that I knew the moves, and by the end, I was much more sure of myself in the performance part and got an even better workout. Just like I had hoped. I’ve completed this workout many times and still leave sweating, wanting more and feeling a little sore the next day.

Island Girl workout with Kili, Tahitian hip hop

Tahitian Hip Hop with Kili

I found this several weeks after the previous DVD by luck at the library. I was visiting a branch elsewhere on the island and scooped it for my pleasure. I have mixed feelings about this workout DVD, and I’d like to explain.

I totally struggled to keep up the first time I followed along with this workout. Some moves are easy, some are fast and difficult to keep time with. All the dance moves are wonderful though, and the workout aspect left me sweating and wanting to stop the DVD at 20 minutes. I couldn’t keep up with the dance portion fully at the end any time that I did this workout, and I managed to try it several times before I had to return it.

I would say that this and the other Tahitian dance DVD workout video may be best for those who have experienced a few other of Kili’s workout DVD’s. I think that if I had the chance to learn the basics of hula and hula cardio I would have learned the basic moves better and perform them faster with variations to follow along with this Tahitian Hip Hop routine. I enjoyed the workout, but I never really felt good about myself after the DVD was done.


Definitely try Island Girl Dance Workout with Kili, Hula Buns and Abs with Kili, and her other DVD’s too. I believe the Tahitian dance workouts are a bit more advanced and may not seem as fun if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me. I do plan to hunt down Tahitian Hip Hop with Kili in a few months again when I manage to tame and control my hips with more practice.

I hope you check out a few of these Dance Workout DVD’s with Kili. They are fun, a great workout, and filmed in beautiful Hawaii. Watching the video makes me want to go back. This will have to do, and I will enjoy it at least once weekly until I can go back and dance on the beach at sunset to the waves.

Before you Go

If you liked this and are looking for another dance style workout, check out the Fitness Marshall. Highly Recommend if you’re into having fun while working out dancing. Also, check out Saskia’s Dance Studio, I have several of their workouts on my iPod. Whenever I listen to Clarity by Zedd I want to start working out with their choreography. Yup, they are good ones to check out. Looking for another ethnically inspired dance workout? Check out Afrifitness, you won’t regret a second of it.

Let me know what you thought about Kili and the Island Girl workouts. I know you can find them on YouTube, I won’t link to them, but a quick search will provide them. Also, check out Amazon and eBay and your local library for a copy. Try requesting it to be added to the shelf of your library. So many ways to get a hold of great workouts, I hope you get to enjoy these ones.

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2 Replies to “Fitview – Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout with Kili”

  1. I have danced with Kili on her Island girl Tahitian Cardio many times. I bought this DVD as I did for many others hoping that I could find my niche. I’m not one to borrow anything even from a library.
    When I tried it, I loved it. I had experience before with Zumba but I had to drop it since it was aggravating my spine a lot from a past riddled with domestic abuse. Anyway, Tahitian allowed me to work out while not moving around a room too much, and I found satisfaction with the results. Because of Zumba, I was able to keep time and to have fun sprucing up some moves I still had trouble over with the Tahitian cardio.
    I am pleased with the results as it has helped me lose six pounds in six days. It is a find that I can be consistent with every day. I used to go running every day back in the day, but allergies here make my head say things to me it never used to before. So with the idea stuck in my head that I can be just as consistent with Tahitian cardio as I had been with my running, it has helped me so much that I seek to thank Kili for coming out with these DVD’s. I am ever grateful…

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