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Fitness / Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

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Jessica Smith is the woman behind JessicaSmithTV, a fitness community whose goal is to “help you find movement that you enjoy so you’ll never have to ‘work’out another day in your life!” Now I don’t know about you, but any workout that doesn’t feel like work and is more enjoyable is going to make me want to workout way more often. Clearly, I needed to check this JessicaSmithTV out for us.

As someone who struggled with weightloss and being consistent in her exercise routine, Jessica is no stranger to the yo-yo exercise regimes many of us often embark on. You know, where we workout, then stop for a time, then start up for a few weeks/months… days, then stop again. We see our weight change slightly, then when we stop working out we gain weight and feel crappier than before.

Okay, I’m not sure this is Jessica’s mindset, but that is how my life went growing up. I knew I wanted to stay healthy, active and consistent in my workouts, but it is difficult to when you don’t see the weight change.

After struggling with her weigh-loss, Jessica managed to find a solution that worked for her resulting in a 40-lb loss and a career! Now a certified wellness coach, personal trainer and fitness instructor, Jessica has spent the last 15 years honing her skill, training celebrities, travelling to cities all across the USA and creating workout DVDs and videos on YouTube.

For this Fitview, I contemplated what kind of style workout I wanted to do with Jessica and wanted to take you along for the ride. My experience below is a doozy, so made sure if you’re reading the whole thing you’ve got some time.  It’s all good fun, sorry if I ramble today, and I hope you enjoy this workout.

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Back when I was a cheerleading captain I tried out several different fitness classes to stay in shape. Aquafit, Zumba, those machines that you stand on and they vibrate your whole body relaxing your muscles and joints while simultaneously working you out. But I’ll have to say my all time favourite workout class was a free drop-in boxerfit class I did with one of my main girls. Pew pew.

The BoxerFit class was a cardio kickboxing class that was a open to drop ins during fitness week. I lurve fitness week and highly suggest you keep an eye out for it at your local rec centers s they offer free drop in fitness classes all week long. They run around January/ early Spring if I recall. Because that’s when people start resolutions and realize they need to work off any winter weight for summer. Not that winter weight isn’t good, it’s one of the most delicious things to gain in life.

I mean, hello. Thanksgiving turkey dinner, Halloween, Christmas turkey dinner and the New Years feast? How can we not enjoy packing on a few extra lbs?

This BoxerFit class was epic though, I was sweating and panting and thinking I was going to fall down from exhaustion the entire time. And I was at my best physical fitness at that time. So when I was deciding what kind of workout I wanted to try for this fitview, I remembered how great this workout was and set out to find something fun and similar.

Fitview fitness video review - JessicaSmithTV kickboxing ballet body sculpt

Kickboxing Ballet Body Sculpt

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this workout, anything labelled as ballet absolutely terrifies me. Those beautiful swans are BEASTS! Do you know how difficult ballet is? Like, calves burning, turnout struggle, balance, arms, core and back strength… ballet is not for the fainthearted. That being said, I knew that this workout would epic.

A cross between a masculine ‘jab-jab‘ sport with a graceful ‘extend and relevé‘ sport is only going take every ounce of balance and muscle control you’ve got in your body.

Kickboxing Ballet Body Sculpt



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Duration: 34:32 Minutes (30 minute workout)

Difficulty: Can modify to suit fitness level

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My Experience

Rolling out my two yoga mats (one for me and one for my Bean) I was stoked to start this workout. Make sure you have some hand weights with you. I used 3lbs for half of the workout and then switched to 1.5lbs when my toddler decided working out wasn’t entertaining him anymore. I don’t have great upper arm strength, and this was my modification to make my workout easier when I needed it. Let me know if you modified anything in the comments below.

Fitness Tip: If you have a toddler to care for during your workout session, supply a set of their own workout gear to tinker around with while you workout. You’ll be surprised at how they copy you, and how much of an impact you are making on their future ideas of health and well-being. Get your sweat on, Momma, and let your kid explore the world of fitness with you.

This workout has got to be one of my favourites I’ve completed in the last few weeks. As I’ve said, I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered with a longer workout, therefore picked short workouts that didn’t include a warm up/cool down. This Kickboxing Ballet workout did. The warm up is easy and gets you feeling ready to hit it.

Jessica Smith and her dog, check out this review of jessica smith's kickboxing ballet body sculpt workout.

It was fun whenever the exercise required me to jab-cross, upper cut, right hook or knee-lift-back kick. It reminded me my grade 9/10 P.E. teacher when she led a cardio class for gym. I can actually hear our sneakers squeaking on the waxed floor as the music and booming sound of her demanding voice echo thorough the gymnasium. I wish I appreciated fitness and her passion to keep us healthy more back then. But that’s a teenager for you, not really aware of the effort people put into life.

My effort in this workout, however, was exceptional. I channeled all my wish-I-was-a-more-productive-teen energy into jabbing and kicking the air around me. I love kickboxing, such simple moves, that seem so violent, are so effective. Also, this is a great way to get out pent up anger without harming anyone. Including yourself. Unless you include making your muscles scream for mercy harming yourself.

Jessica was excellent at keeping a solid tempo to the workout, and reminding me to keep form. Honestly, it’s easy to think your just need to throw your arm in front of you, but there is technique that should be followed. Same as the ballet, there is much technique to be followed, posture is a big one. When she instructs the workout it is great to be reminded about posture, foot placement, loose knees, etc. Sometimes I was sure I was already on top of it, but the reminder made me constantly aware of what I was doing. Which was great.

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I love that as the workout gains momentum Jessica builds up an exercise series. For instance, you start with a simple 4 punches forward, then she introduces 3 knee lifts, then you make it faster, then you add in a squat. The pace she introduces the sequence is perfect. I didn’t get lost, confused, or feel like she was dumbing it down for me to understand. The moves were super effective and if I can’t remember these sequences to throw into my own cardio routine in the future, I see no problem in me returning to this workout for a refresher.

When we enter the part of the workout with weights, don’t be scared. You’re gonna feel the burn… I’m telling you LOVE the burn. not just lurve it, love it. Ballet dancers are notorious for having amazing back and arm strength. I would love to have a sculpted shoulder and upper back, and this is how I’m going to get it. These moves aren’t exactly your typical weighted arm exercises, but they are easy to perform. Again, the effective factor of these moves is very high.

Ending the workout with a quick and easy stretch was perfect for me. I was sweaty, panting, red faced and feeling the wonderful pull of my muscles. Nothing better than feeling that post-workout accomplishment feeling. It was a difficult workout, but not as in technical skill difficulty. You can do this with no previous ballet training. Or boxing for that matter.

need a new workout? read this fitness review of JessicaSmithTV's kickboxing ballet body sculpt and see if it is right for you.

Final Thoughts

I’d definitely recommend, and repeat this Kickboxing Ballet workout. It was a lot of fun, worked me good, and I passed right out with my toddler in his bed at night. I look forward to trying out another JessicaSmithTv workout video in the future. I’m glad to have stumbled upon this workout in particular as it’s once again reinforced my beliefs that ballet dancers are not from this world and deserve to walk on clouds when not performing like a swan.

If you liked how much you sweat during this workout, check out this 7-day Free circut training fitness plan by Amanda Bisk. If you want to stick to the dance style workouts check out The Fitness Marshall. I finished another workout with him yesterday using all different music than what I reviewed in that Fitview and my workout was just as epic. Let me know how you liked this kickboxing ballet body sculpt and let me know if you want another kickboxing fitview. Actually, you don’t need to, I’ll do one anyways cause it was awesome.

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