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Fitness / Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Lucy Wyndham-Read's Tone every Zone is an excellent workout challenge. Read this fitness review of week one, and decide if you want to continue with the whole challenge yourself.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

I was intruduced to Lucy via fitness update from popular YouTube vlogger, Anna Sacconne. I don’t watch her often, but I was glad I clicked through on the particular video that directed me towards Lucy Wyndham-Read. Because now, I’ve got a new wicked awesome personal trainer. Thank you YouTube.

Lucy, at the tender age of 17, decided she would join the British Army. During her 5 years working she learned a lot about fitness that she continues to apply to her fitness today. What’s the most stand out skills she learned that she uses still? Motivation, determination and how to never give up. Nice.

Read this fitness review and see if this Tone every Zone fitness challenge by Lucy Wyndham-Read is right for you. #LucysSquad #DoneNow in her mid-forties, she’s got over 20 years of involvement in the health and fitness industry. She’s got quite the media coverage that you can read more about on her website biography.

As a personal trainer, you want to constantly work towards learning more and broadening your knowledge to better train your clients. Lucy has studied in many specialty fields include pre/.postnatal, childrens fitness, Sports injuries, aerobics, and aquafit. Just to name a few.

You can head on over to Lucy Wyndham-Read’s website to get learn more about Lucy and see all that she offers you to make your life a healthier one. Including, but not limited to, free workout plans, eBooks, and a blog. There’s a lot to see, and I don’t think you’ll leave without finding something worth spending a few extra moments looking in to.

Tone Every Zone

I’ve been subscribed to Lucy for a few months I believe, and I have completed many of her workout videos. She often holds challenges for her #LucysSquad that I have never participated in. Until she released her Tone Every Zone challenge. Check out the video explaining the details below.

Website : http://www.lwrfitnes

Youtube : .com/channel/UCag7XoiJLutjBTsM0tAzUzg

Duration : 4-9 Minutes workout length (Video and workout lengths vary each day)

Difficulty : Easy, able to modify

Equipment : None required, Yoga Mat a bonus


I thought, why not? Let’s give it a go. These workouts are generally not very long, and I love that they pop up in my subscription feed every day. I’m already watching YouTube, not much else to prepare other than getting ready to sweat and grabbing a glass of water. I always bang these workouts out when they show up, and it takes no time. A huge plus in my books.

I was unsure if the ‘short’ 10 minute average workouts during week one would really be enough to satisfy my fitness needs for the day. Before you start planning a second workout for the day, I suggest just trying one of these out. After day one, I felt sore and definitely see that these workouts are effective.

Tone Every Zone Week One

Please note that you should do a little warm up before you press play on each video. Lucy does not lead you in a warm up or cool down, but does remind you to warm up before you start. As a great personal trainer, she takes responsibility for training you by telling you what you need to do. It’s your choice to listen and get the best results by doing as she advises.

March in place, do some jump lunges, jump rope for 2 minutes and shake out your muscles. Doing this before you press play prevents you from having to press pause or skip her PT advice. Don’t ignore good advice. At the end of every video Lucy also reminds you that she has a cool down stretch video that you can follow along with. I did not ever watch it or make use of it, so have no review or thoughts on it.

Lucy Wyndham-Read Fitness is a great fitness community. #LucysSquad, read this fitness review and decide if this Tone Every Zone workout challenge is right for you!

Lastly, before we get started, this workout plan is a month long program. I completed week one, and chose not to go any further in writing a review, but do plan on completing the rest of the month. I’ve read some comments and some of #LucysSquad is choosing to do the entire first week in one day.

So, if you’re reading this Fitview long after the challenge is over, maybe challenge yourself even more by completing an entire weeks worth of workouts in one go. Rest day is the next day for you if this is what you decide to do. It’d be quite the personal challenge, not one I’d take one. But one I’d be willing to read an experience on in the comments.

These workouts are tougher than they look. Even for being short and less than 10 minutes long. Prepare yourself. Have a drink to quench your thirst nearby, and have fun.

Thigh Blitz Workout

Just getting right into the video review, because there are a weeks worth, can I say that my inner thighs were still sore three days later? I really wanted to make sure I was getting my workouts worth, and I felt the burn. I lurved the burn. And then, I paid for the burn. This workout is epic, Lucy designed it to work your inner thighs.

Which is great for me, because I do tons of lunges and squats. My inner thighs are always soft and jiggly, while my outer thighs and calves are all muscle. This is the workout I need in my life to get some firmness to a hard to tone area for me. Really, a simple looking, but very effective workout.

Ab Makeover

I’ll be honest in saying I thought this workout wasn’t enough at the end. I was sweaty and panting, but I didn’t think it was enough. Later that day I was out with my son and couldn’t figure out why my stomach was so sore. I literally forgot I had worked out. Because it was so quick, and enjoyable. I wasn’t feeling like I was going to die, it was effective even when I didn’t think it was. It was effective because I was pushing myself and wanted to get the best results I could get.

I got them! My stomach was sore within a few hours of completing the workout and it felt really good to have been able to bang out a workout in less than 10 minutes and really feel like I did enough for my day. I could continue on and focus on the rest of my life, and know I took care of my body. By bringing pain and discomfort.

Can I just mention how much I love that Lucy tells you what muscles you’re working in each exercise? I mean, it makes them way more effective because I know what I should be feeling doing work, and can amplify or fix it if I’m not performing to my personal standards. A major plus from all of Lucy’s videos.

Banish Bingo Wings

I know I have ‘bingo’ wings. I’ve always called them bat wings, but to each their own. Mine aren’t that bad, I recognize that life will only suck the elasticity from my skin and I shouldn’t complain about my body now. Wait 10, 20… 30 years. I’m not complaining though, just making an observation. I’ve got them, and recognize I need to work on them.

I’ve got the worst habit to scrunch my shoulders and neck up to my ears when I work on my bat wings though. Thankfully, Lucy is great at keeping you focused and reminding you what you need to do and how to keep form. She voice overs her workout videos instead of talking while she workouts with you. Which I don’t mind.

Actually, if I was to ever make a workout video, I would think I would film myself doing the workout, and then edit in a voice over explaining how to follow along. Just like Lucy does. That way I can put in my max effort and not need to hold back because I need to be able to communicate with the viewer of the video. I can’t hold a conversation when I’m working out. If I’m working out, I’m working out!

I really felt this bat wing workout was great for me. I could keep up, the moves were simple and I was reminded of my form and how to properly do the exercise. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this workout.

Booty Lift

I did this while my toddler was sitting behind me, he got very angry that my leg kept swinging in his ‘bubble’ as we put it in our RAD house. You know, that little area around you that is your own personal space. Apparently he wouldn’t move because we wanted to be close to me, but not be close to me. Keep children at a distance for this one or suffer the confusion of needing to be close to your child, but far away at the same time.

This workout is a good one. I missed this day by accident and completed it with the next workout video as well. Which wasn’t too bad of a combination. The booty workout didn’t drain me completely, but I definitely can feel my but muscles tensing up.

I don’t have much to say about this workout other than have a yoga mat or something soft under you to protect yourself. It’s all floor work.

Bust Lift

I used to have a great rack. No lie. I wish I enjoyed my boobs more before I started breastfeeding. I’m encouraged to start doing more bust workouts after doing this bust lift with Lucy. It as simple, yet I worked my muscles to the point of soreness before bed. My poor poor breastesess. They need a lot of work to get back in decent shape. I really enjoyed this workout and look forward to the more difficult version next week.

I lurve that Lucy, again, lets me know which muscles I’ll be working, and what they do. While working out she explained which exercise worked the muscles that act as your natural bra straps. Now that is some cool information to learn while working out. I’m getting fit, having fun, and learning something. My mom always said when I learned something new I could go home for the day. So does this mean I can go to bed for the day if I’m already home?


Back Toning

This workout was super fast. And I really appreciate that because back day isn’t my favourite workout day. I don’t have a very strong one, and mine is always sore. Popping, cracking and feeling like it’s being thrown out of place. I know that having more back muscles can help with this a bit. But I’m also afraid to build muscles in the wrong place if I’m working out while my back is out. You catch my drift?

But this workout was quick, and it worked me good. I was so impressed with how simple and effective this workout was I was inspired to start posting instafit videos on my instagram again. I have been on hiatus so I could finish the website launch, but I couldn’t not share this simple and effective workout with my followers. Plus, Gregory was being super cute while I worked out.


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed working out with Lucy with week. I’m finally back into my fitness routine thanks to her short daily workouts. I’m motivated and workout every day, with rest days, and I hadn’t been for about a month. Thanks to my laziness. I may not seem lazy on the outside, but I am a very lazy person. I can just disguise my laziness very well.

I recommend this workout series to anyone who wants to get their workout on, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time every day working out. These ‘spot’ training workouts are great for toning your muscles, hence the title Tone Every Zone. I can feel a difference in my muscle soreness after week one, I can’t wait to see my results after week 3+. I hope you continue on with the Tone Every Zone challenge, I will be. Even though I won’t record it in a #Fitview.

Oh, and before I go, make sure you add your #LucysSquad hashtag in your social media posts about your workout. Get your friends involved and be apart of a squad. As an ex-cheer squad captain, I think you’d be crazy to not want to be apart of one. They’re the best kind of team out there. #RADsquad? I’ll keep working on ours. haha

#LucysSquad is the fitness quad to be on if you're short for time and need to tone up your body. Read this fitness review and decide if this workout challenge is right for you!

Before You Go

If you liked this week long workout, check out another 7-day fitness program plan by Amanda Bisk. It’s an excellent 20 minute circuit training workout that will have you pushing your limits. I highly recommend. Also, check out this Kickboxing Ballet Body Sculpt by JessicaSmithTV. If you’re looking to a workout to burn all your muscles, this is a great workout. Kickboxing and ballet, come on. You can’t get much better than that. Let me know what you think of Lucy Wyndham-Reed, and if you’ve checked out her other workouts. I really enjoy her 3-minute ab routine. Feel the burn. Lurve the burn.

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