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Fitness / Friday, March 17th, 2017


Welcome back to another #Fitview, Fitness Review. Today I wanted to introduce you to a great way to find workout inspirations via InstaFIT. Don’t think this is going to be complicated, it’s not. Insta = Instagram. Fit = Fitness. Welcome to Instagram Fitness, where we utilize personal trainers for FREE!

Today I wanted to share with you MorningCoachBen, an Instagram Fitness Trainer from Germany who has posted a great Dumbbell workout that I needed to share with you. And, you know… some other nice stuff.

Check out Instagram @MorningCoachBen and get your sweat on with his awesome Dumbbell Workout.

How I Found Benny

MorningCoachBen is a lifestyle, fitness, and food Instagram’er. With less than 400 followers (as of writing this post) he seems to be still gaining his following. With the workouts he posts, I don’t see that being a problem.

I found Ben through the most basic of ways, Instagram Search. With luck, he happened to post this workout recently and I saw it almost instantly. Sometimes I can search and search to find a good workout on Instagram, sometimes I get lucky. If you’re looking for great motivation, positive vibes, and a workout every now and then, I highly suggest following him.

Dumbbell Workout

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4 Sets with 90 sec Rest between Sets

  • 10 Walkout Push Ups
  • 20 Plank Pull Through
  • 20 Rows Each Side
  • 20 Hang Clean to PushPress
  • 20 Goblet Jump Squat

My Experience

I have just started my weight training, so this was quite the challenge for me. However, I really enjoyed this dumbbell workout and will go for round two of it in a month to see my progression.

I had to 10lb weights to start my walkout pushups with… that lasted for .2 seconds when I realized I couldn’t walk my hands out. I switched down to my 2lb weights and still managed to start sweating by number 10 anyways. We must learn to walk before we run, I always forget.

Being more adept at planks than pushups, I switched back to my 10 lb weights for the plank pull through. It was an easy enough to manage. I enjoyed this exercise, felt my arms, abs, and butt working hard.

Rows are simple and effective. I did 10 on each side with 10 lbs. 20 hang clean to push press was difficult but I managed 10 of those with a 10 lb weight as well. 20 Goblet Jump Squat turned into a regular goblet squat as I couldn’t jump anymore, but I managed 20.

Resting for 90 seconds I entered round two and managed to complete the same weights as the first set. Rest and Round three left me doing a walkout push up without any weights and struggling to bend my elbows for the push up. I have weak upper body strength since I stopped Cheerleading. It’s not a fact I am proud of, but I do recognize this. I hope when I return to this workout I can perform better pushups.

The fourth set was killer, I was sweating balls by this time. I managed to power through it and completed my last set of goblet squats even though I wanted to give up and call it a day at least one set ago. I was proud of my accomplishment when it was all over.

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My Thoughts

This is a wicked awesome workout. Props to MorningCoachBen for sharing this, I am so very thankful. It was my first dumbbell workout in a few months and it kicked my butt. I highly recommend this to be added to your workout schedule if you’re looking for a great workout. I suggest having weights that are best suited to you. I only have 1,2 and 10 lbs weights at home. So that is what I work with.

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Before You Go

I hope you enjoyed this #FitviewInstaFit workout. I will be sharing more of these in the future, as they are a great resource that we should all be taking advantage of more. I mean, Instagram isn’t just for Selfies and Food Pics. It’s for connecting with people who are into the same things as you so you can collaborate and share ideas.

Check back next week for another #Fitview, and if you’re following someone on Instagram who is InstaFit, leave their username in the comments and I’ll check them out, and give a shoutout to you saying thanks for helping me find them.

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