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Fitness / Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Fitness Video Review

POPSUGAR is an all-embracing lifestyle and cheerful philosophy built around the power of happy.

Become Beyonce with this Sexy Dance Workout

I’ll be honest in saying that I always thought PopSugar was just an online fitness community. Their workouts show up in my YouTube recommended videos all the time. One day I decided to try one out and I then went to their website…because, you know, that’s what we do online. We follow the breadcrumb trail to where more information that we will enjoy is.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that PopSugar isn’t about fitness. Well, not just fitness. It’s a lifestyle website, “Built around the power of happy”, that’s my kind of website! As you know, I’m on the #PursuitOfHappiness, as everyone should be. If you find it, send me a post card so I am reminded what it looks like. Please don’t take photos of my Bean without my permission.

PopSugar Inc. is basically one of those one-stop websites. It’s got your fashion, beauty, celebrities, food, fitness, living information, Latino, even a section for moms. It’s actually pretty awesome, I’m impressed. Not at all what I was expecting, it’s so much more. Their fitness section is great, and their videos are always bright, never daunting. Like, Jullian Micheals is daunting, Insanity and P90X are daunting. But PopSugar is like going to workout with your best girlfriend. And I like that, because I miss having my girlfriends (cheer-sisters) around for a few laughs and motivation during a sweat session.


Become Beyonce with this Sexy Dance Workout

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Difficulty Level: Beginner

Length: 10:43 (10 Minute Workout)

I though it was: Easy and Fun!

My Experience: So I could have picked any other video, but I wanted a fun workout to do quickly this week because I’m starting a tougher Fitview for next week. So stay tuned for that, you’ll like it! Anyways, this Beyonce Sexy Dance Workout has over 2.5 Million views at the time of my writing this post. That’s a lot, so I figured it’s got to be fun and worth a try. And it was!

Anna RendererThere isn’t a long intro with the instructors talking. They basically got right into it within the first minute. So be ready and don’t have a toddler distracting you the first three times you press play. Anna, a PopSugar fitness host introduces us to Candice Craig, a Vixen Workout Instructor. Now, I’ve never heard of a Vixen Workout before. So I had to give this a try. It sounds like a sexy kind of workout instructor, and Candice has got some sexy curves. What? I can definitely appreciate the human body for what it is, gorgeous!

Something I did not like was the music. It didn’t seem to match the workout very much. The tempo was off, or the exercises we performed where off beat. It was uncomfortable for me who counts 5-6-7-8…… 9-10 for every set of reps I do. That’d be the dancer in me.

But the dancer in me really liked this fun workout that I could throw my own style into. Personalize this workout with a little dash of RAD. Candice also points out which  moves are good for the club. So if you’re a momma like me who doesn’t get to the club in, like — ever, this will be lots of fun. Feel sexy, have fun, and have your toddler hug your leg the entire time. Oh, wait. That’s just me? Okay.

Another thing I did not like was that it seemed to me that Candice only led workouts on one side of the body most the time. Unless I missed sometPopSugar Sexy Dance Workouthing, I had to use my brain and remember to switch sides when I thought we were half way through. I think the first exercise that was one-sided only I had not switched thinking it would be included. Nope. This is a one side workout. Insert 90’s cassette tape voice “Please flip to the other side, and press play.”  So I guess for me, this wouldn’t technically be a 10 minute workout. I’d do it twice if I were to do it again. To keep myself balanced. And extra sexy.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this workout. It wasn’t strenuous, I didn’t feel the burn, but I did feel my heart rate rise and my breathing laboured. If I were a complete beginner at fitness, this would be perfect. It’s not overwhelming, it’s fun, you are reminded to think you’re at the club… Just hand me a strawberry Daiquiri and we’ll be good. Wait, that’s not really for the club. I’ve got summer on the brain. haha

I will not do this workout again myself. If someone asked me to do it with them, sure. But it wasn’t tough enough for me to say I’m done my workout for the day. It was actually a great way to wake up and warm up my body. If you try this workout out let me know what you thought in the comments. Did the music thing bother you as much as it did me? Some moves were on time, but others were not.

Become Beyonce with this Sexy Dance WorkoutIf you’re just starting your fitness journey and this workout was difficult for you let me first say I am proud of you. Secondly, let me know what YOU thought in the comments especially. What is your perspective because I would love to know. Was it still fun? Were you sore the next day? Again, it was like a warm up for me. It’s very interesting to see how other people are feeling and experiencing a workout so we can understand how hard they are working and be there for support. Just because it’s easy for me doesn’t mean it isn’t a glorious victory for you to sweat your way through to the end and call it a day. So, tell me how you did so I can give you a little congrats. Motivation to get you to do it again tomorrow.


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