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Fitness / Monday, December 5th, 2016

Dance Away, My Friend

Dance like no one is watching, sweat like pig, feel like a superstar. I have discovered my newest YouTube dance workout Channel that I need to share with you.

Welcome to a #Fitview : Fitness Video Review, where I’m going to take you along this dance workout by Saskia’s Dansschool and help you determine if this is how you want to get your sweat on.

Check out Saskia's Dansschool for your next workout session. Dance and get your sweat on with these videos, no equipment necessary.

Saskia’s Dansschool

Based in the Netherlands, Saskia’s Dansschool is a friendly dance community for children ages 3.5/4 years old to adults. But, if you’re like me, you don’t really have access to a plane and can make the international trip. So let’s talk online material.

http://saskiasdansschool .nl/ can be translated to English thanks to good ol’ Google, and I was able to read through some of their pages.

Something that really stuck out to me was the Move Team. The team offers after school activities to get children moving and having fun while staying healthy and fit.

YouTube Channel

Saskia’s Dansschool currently has over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. That’s a lot, and I only recently discovered them. I’ve been missing out.

Their channel offers dances and great workouts to popular songs. You can click on and try to follow along, or head on over to their second channel and learn the dance step by step.

I didn’t click into the dance videos… yet. I have only checked out the workout dance videos so far. I really enjoy the style Saskia’s has and I very much look forward to learning choreography by them.

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Hip N Thigh Toner

Saskia’s Dansschool offers fitness dance workouts with their Hip N Thigh Toner resistance band. It’s $24.99 and you can purchase it online.

I did not have a hip and thigh toner, and my resistance band broke. So I couldn’t even make-shift something to go around my ankles.

Don’t let the lack of equipment deter you from trying out these videos. I didn’t, and I wonder if I would have been able to complete the workout if I had the band.

It was hard without it, so try the videos without equipment. No need to think you need to buy it to try this workout. I felt the burn with my body weight.

Check out Saskia's Dansschool on YouTube and try this awesome dance workout. Get your sweat on and have fun dancing

My RAD Experience

I originally was only going to try out 4 videos, but I quickly realized I was having too much fun to stop my workout and went through 8 dance videos.

Without doing a proper warm up, I eased into the first workout video and can say from experience that you don’t really need to do a warm up on your own.

Saskia’s Dansschool

Website : http://saskiasdansschool .nl/

Youtube : .com/user/saskiasdansschool

Duration : 3-5 minute workout videos

Difficulty : Easy step by step videos on second channel

Equipment : None required

Tsunami Combat Fitness Choreography

Starting with squats, don’t let this slower beginning pace fool you. Once the combo switches up to the more intense music you’re dancing to, you’re really going to be jumping and having fun.

Or, at least, I was having fun.

This is they type of energy I want to bust out when doing a dance workout. It’s simple and effective, the moves are easy to follow along to and the music is boss.

I’m very particular about music on Youtube Dance workouts, Sansia’s Dansschool does not disappoint.

Drop That Low

These Combat fitness videos are great for feeling powerful and starting your workout playlist. It’s got a really similar vibe to cardio-kickboxing, which I also really like.

Drop That Low features the resistance band. Again, I didn’t have it and I felt the burn with this video. Highly recommend trying out even if you don’t have a band to go around your ankles.

The punching sequences were my favourite in this video.

The girl on the right has some abs that I am envious of. The girl on the left has an amazing dance style, though out all the videos.

And the guy is great, because now I may be able to convince more men to read my blog and try these workouts. Yes, men can dance, should dance, and workout, and try all kinds of workouts and have fun while getting fit. If you’re a man and you like to dance, dance away, my friend.

Worth It

This is a popular dance workout song, because it’s got a great beat. I think I’ve enjoyed Saskia’s video more than any other so far. The chorus is simple, fun, works my body and I can have fun and throw my own personal style into the moves.

We always need to have fun and throw our own style out there when we dance. Especially when you miss a step and need to hide your mistake real smooth.

This is still one of the more easier videos of the bunch, but don’t let that make you think you’re not going to be panting and grabbing a drink after this one.

Daddy PSY

I got it from my daddy… this is an awesome leg and ab workout. The ladies on screen are beaming, having a blast with this dance. And that makes me have fun and forget the burn.

Oh, you’ll feel the burn.

To get an effective workout from this video, make sure you’re twisting in a bit with your legs during the chorus when you walk forward. The twist is half of that move.

I enjoyed that move, and it leads into a punching sequence that I really started to get in to. This is on my top 3 list from this bunch.

Cheap Thrills

I highly suggest skimming through this video to the floor work and watch the chorus through once before pressing play. Otherwise you might miss the first round of the floor sequence, like I did.

That’s right, we get to do some floor work in this video. How they are doing it with the Hip N Thigh band I have no idea. I was begging for mercy, they are strong.

This workout is slower paced than the rest, it’s more about control I think. When you walk your hands down to the floor it is a lot of plank variation and mountain climber type moves.

It’s not at all difficult to follow along to, but it is difficult to finish the whole video with perfect form. My muscles were so tired by the last chorus.

Have fun!

Dont Let Me Down

My number one favourite dance workout video on this list!

The arm sequence took a minute or two to catch on to for me, don’t let it scare you. Just take it slow and if you mess up, try it again when it repeats. Just make sure you get to the floor, jump your feet back and stand up again.

The rift before the chorus and the chorus are the best part of this workout. I love kickboxing because it makes me feel powerful. This video reminded me of the kickboxing class I took with Skills Canada that featured a live DJ. So much fun, I’m glad I can try and re-live that day with this video now.


I added this last video to my playlist because of my friend Kristen and Emily. Kristen was also at the Skills Canada Kickboxing class, I was thinking of her and wanted to add this in case she comes here to find a workout. This one’s for you!

♫ We Aint Ever Getting Older♫

I”m not sure what to call the move, but there is one dance move in this video that has been repeated through many of the previous videos. I like this, I always enjoy the chorus when I can throw my style into a simple move. It’s the one that starts the instrumental beat after the chorus.

Have fun with it.

Cold Water

Now, I’m unsure if my perspective on this video is skewed because I was at the end of my workout, but this video was difficult to follow along to.

The moves aren’t hard, but I would recommend checking out the step by step video if there is one available.

I stumbled through this dance more than any other, but I still had a lot of fun and kept sweating right to the end.

I think the most important thing to remember when doing any dance video, is to keep moving. Even if you mess up the steps. Just keep moving, flail your arms and legs while you try to look coordinated.

Dance Like No One’s Watching


I highly recommend you checking out Saskia’s Dansschool on YouTube, and if you’re in the Netherlands drop by their studios. You won’t regret starting this workout. I promise you.

High energy, fun moves, the ability to throw in your personal dance style, the music is great, the struggle is real, the burn, the sweat, the panting… Its GREAT!

I can’t wait to workout with one of my girlfriends. I miss cheerleading and dance classes. The synchronization makes me so happy and feel like I’m a part of something great. Kristen, Emily, where you at?

Before You Go

Check out Saskia’s Dansschool, let me know in the comments what you thought about them and which videos I didn’t list that I need to try. They have so many, I was all sweaty and nasty by the end of song 8 I jumped right into the shower before searching any other songs to see what was available. #SharingIsCaring

If you’re looking for another dance workout with top 20 music, check out The Fitness Marshall. They’ve got great beats to great songs. Looking for something much more fun? Try out AfriFitness’s AfroBeat Dance Workout. It’s influenced by the African culture and had me smiling the whole time. Now that was a workout more fun than work.


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  1. i have a important question, how would one get into your dance school? I am in love with dance and you guys are amazing at what you do. i try so hard to do good at dance and your videos help. i would like to dance with you and become part of the school.

    1. It isn’t my dance school, you can follow along with tutorials on youtube. You can check out Saskia’s Dansschool online to find their location. It would be so awesome to be able to take classes there. Good luck!

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