Fitview – Spell your Name Workout – Pt.1

Fitness / Monday, July 25th, 2016

Spell your Name Workout

If you’re like me, then you get your fitness inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and of course… Pinterest. I’ve come across many workouts I’ve wanted or have tried out, one that has been on my list for a while now is the ‘Spell your Name’ workout. Seeing as my name is 15 letters long, this has been daunting. But I’ve finally tackled one and am here to tell the tale.

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First Come First Served

There are a ton of different Spell your Name workouts available. And for good reason. Variation, what works for one person may not work for another. I’ve concluded that I want to try several of these workouts and will make this a mini series, so I can make sure I remember which workout fits me best. Literally. As there are so may different options to go with, I’ll take them on each week with no particular order other than whichever is first in the Pinterest search results.

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Losing it with Lisa

This particular Spell your Name workout is linked back to which if you visit is a fitness/weightloss website by a Biggest Loser contestant. Like, one of those people who ere tortured for television, they’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle and are trying to help others adopt one too.

I haven’t watch the Biggest Loser show in years, and the more years out I am the more appalled with how the contestants are treated and made to lose weight I am. It’s really nice to see a contestant who made it out and isn’t suffering and obese again. At a quick glance, it seems Lisa is doing just fine. Good for you Lisa.

Note: I’ve been unable to find the post or link directly to the original photo source. 

My RAD Experience

As you know, my name is Katrina Radhuber. It’s along name, and I didn’t think I needed to add my middle name to ensure I was getting a decent workout. With my name comes a disadvantage though. It’s got the same letters, several times. Look, A… R… um, yeah. Starting off with a pen and paper to write out my workout plan, I was afraid I would end up with a workout of all the same exercises.

In the end, my fear came true. My workout consisted mostly of jumping jacks and pushups. Which, as a mom, jumping jacks make me have to stop every few jumps thinking I have to pee. Must do kegals. And as a weakling, my arm strength is pitiful. This workout automatically looking like a freaking mess for me. Check it.

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Jacking Up

Clearly, this particular Spell your Name workout is not made for my name. 210 jumping jacks and 70 push ups, repeated twice with very little other to balance out my strained muscles. Holy moly I was shaking bad, hardly pushing up or moving down in my push up by the half way point. Looking back, I’m quite impressed. I didn’t tally up the numbers and that was a lot of push ups I did. Most of them can’t be classified as a push up, but still, I’m impressed with me.

The Workout

My name was a mash of jacks and pushes which left my breathless and sore. It was great cardio with the jumping jacks, there is no doubt that  I got my cardio in for the day. Have I read that 1000 jumping jacks burns potentially 1lb? Myth? Not sure. But I got nearly to 500, and that’s a big number, so I’m satisfied. Really.

The arm circles may be more effective if I hold onto hand weights, even light 3lb’s in each arm. Squats and crunches were a relief in this workout. A RELIEF! It’s a shame there were so little, I would have liked to do more of them, I actually enjoyed these exercises today.  When compared to what else I was doing, you may agree to my reasoning.

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Soreness Later

I am sore. It hurts to hold my arms up, my shoulders and neck are tight and I never want to do another push up again. I mean, I was aware I was going to be doing a lot, so I switched up the push up through out. Sometimes doing a man push up, a girl push up, a trap push up, a spread eagle push up, and a wide elbow push up… I needed to keep it interesting for me.

So this also spread my sore muscles out around my upper body, to which I am thankful for. If I had only performed one type of push up I think I would be in more pain than feeling tender areas from a good workout. If you’ve got to do lots of push ups like me, consider switching up your styles throughout and give more muscles a chance to work.

Sore today, strong tomorrow. A fitness quote this momma knows about today after this installment of her fitness series

Spell your Name Workout Series

As I stated above, I already wanted to try out a few more Spell your Name workouts. Now that I’ve completed one I am more resolved to do this. There is no way I am completely satisfied with this workout. While it was a tough one that challenged me, I wouldn’t return to again. The exercises just don’t add up with my name and I need to find one that does.

I hope you return for the next #Fitview – Spell your Name Workout series, maybe you found you have the same problem as I have had and are in need of another option. That is why I am here, to help you out while helping myself out.

Before You Go

I really do return to my workouts when I enjoy them, when I write that I really enjoyed and would do it again, I do. A few #Fitviews that I have returned to several times over are Yoga with Candace, The Fitness Marshall and Bodyfit by Amy. Of course, I also get a lot of my exercise from hiking around Vancouver to places like Cypress Falls, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, and Lighthouse Park. Check out and join our RAD adventures to hold you over until our next Spell your Name workout series installment.

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