Fitview – Spell your Name Workout – pt2

Fitness / Monday, August 1st, 2016

Spell Your Name Challenge

Welcome back to week two of the Spell your Name challenge. Where I, Katrina Radhuber, go through as many of those ‘name’ workouts as I can find and give you a review on how the workout is based on my letters. This is a really interesting #Fitview; Fitness Review, because you’re workout isn’t going to look anything like mine. Unless you’re a fellow Katrina, or Radhuber.

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Last Weeks Challenge

If you haven’t already checked out last weeks challenge, you can head on over there by clicking here. It was a tough workout that had me doing more push ups and jumping jacks than I would ever want in one short workout session. My push up muscles were sore for 5 days. 5 DAYS!

Whatever. It’s over, and I hope you don’t have as many push ups as I did. Unless you’re a fan. In which case, enjoy… you fitness freak. Just kidding. You’re pretty awesome for enjoying the P-U’s. I think they stink.

This Weeks Challenge

This week we’re diving into another workout I found via Pinterest and at first glance it looks a lot more promising than last weeks P-U and jumping jack torture workout session. For some reason I kept pushing off the workout session though.

Was it me being lazy? Or the fact that my phone got fixed and Pokemon Go! was released while it was at the phone doctors and when I got it back I walked 30km in 2.5 days and didn’t have time to workout… Le sigh. Priorities.

Moms run this town spell your name challenge. Check out a review, and try the rest of these Spell your Name workouts in this fitness bloggers workout challenge

She Runs This Town

The workout was created by, which is a running website for moms. Who would’ve guessed, right? haha. I couldn’t find the link back to the exact page they had posted this workout to, but you can browse their website and maybe find a running group in your area to join up with. Working out with friends always make for a more enjoyable session.

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My Experience

K-25 calf raises

A-20 jump squats

T-15 plié squats

R-45sec jump rope

I-20 squats

N-15 Russian twists

A-20 jump squats

R-45sec jump rope

A-20 jump squats

D-30 jumping jacks

H-20 glute bridges

U-30 bicycle crunches

B-30 crunches

E-10 push ups

R-45sec jump rope

Getting Started

I started this workout at 5:30AM and was done rolling up my yoga mat by 5:50AM. Doing this workout once through took me about 20 minutes with my 15 letters. After writing out my exercises I was actually pretty stoked to get started. It looked way WAY more promising than last weeks challenge for my weak arms. WEAK I say.

Unlike last week that focused on arms, this week my workout was more varied and worked more of my body. Which was great, this is the kind of Spell your Name workout I am looking for. I did have to do quite a few jump squats, which are now my new non-favourited exercise. But I think the most difficult or repeated exercise in any workout ends up being my most despised move I must do.

I-I-I I Workout

I worked my legs, butt, arms, abs, got in lots of cardio via jumping all the time and definitely felt the burn. Again, all in 20 minutes for 15 letters. My breathing hitched by my second letter and I took a 5-20 second break between each exercise after that. I really tried to focus on form and performing each move to the best of my ability. I wasn’t at all about speed, more on skill.

Slow and steady wins the race… or makes you feel the burn to the extreme at least. Seriously, if you’re workout isn’t hard enough, try slowing down your moves and really focus on what you are doing. Maybe you are going too fast, have bad form, or maybe you need to realize the workout isn’t advanced enough for you anymore.

Favourite Exercises

Seeing as I’m a fairly lazy person if I’m given the chance to be, my favourite exercises in my workout were the ones where I got to sit on my butt or lay on my back. Yeah, I rocked those Russian twists, crunches and Gluteus maximus bridges. I ROCKED THEM.

Seriously though, my abs, they are trying to make a come back in my life. I remember, this one time, just recently after I had stopped cheerleading, I lost a lot of weight because I lost muscle and my appetite. Then, I started working out again, and my  abs appeared. Like, for the first time in my life, out of no where. It was wicked. Aside from one other day during Fresh Mind Fit Body 7-day workout program, my abdominals have consisted of a cheesecake.

Gosh, I remember those babies popping up out of no where and being so proud of myself. I never thought I’d get my abs back after being pregnant.

Before You Go

I definitely think this weeks Spell your Name Workout challenge was better than last weeks… for me. Let me know in the comments how many letters you worked with and what you thought of this weeks versus last weeks Spell your Name workout challenge. I’m rating this workout higher than last weeks. You know why.

If you’re looking for a good yoga workout to stretch your body after this, check out Yoga with Adriene, or even Yoga by Candace. Both are great. If you’re not really into this Spell your Name workout, then try the Kick Boxing Ballet workout. Guaranteed to make your sweat, and some muscles scream for mercy. Want to get your groove thang on while you work? Try The Fitness Marshall.

Bring on the next Spell your Name workout, I feel some abs coming on!


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