Fitview – Spell your Name Workout – pt.3

Fitness / Monday, August 8th, 2016

Spell your Name Challenge

It’s week three of the Spell your Name Workout challenge series and I am excited to show you this weeks. It took me about 20 minutes which included me taking a rest between sets and I was sweating up a storm. If you haven’t checked out Week 1 or Week 2 of the workout challenge, don’t forget to click the links and line those workouts up in your fitness routine.

Check out this Spell your Name workout challenge. Get your FITNESS on and personalize your workouts via your name

This weeks challenge

I was stoked and ready to go with this weeks challenge after having last week go so well. I’ve slowed down my Pokemon Go! playing since the game reset with the update, and I am having a blast. Even though I still haven’t yet reached the same trainer level as I was before. Oh well, slow and steady has lots of fun.

This week required me to do a lot of jumping jacks. More than I cared for. As a mom, I’m always telling myself I need to work on my kegals, but I never do. So when I jump around I quickly find myself jumping towards the bathroom for a quick potty break. Le sigh, He is totally worth this lack of bladder control though. I’d pee my pants everyday if it meant I got to have my son in my life. #TrueLove has an excellent spell your name workout. Try this one, and check out other spell your name workouts here in this fitness challenge

This Spell your Name workout challenge is brought to your by Jennifer Oconar. Well, she may no longer be Oconar if you are reading this after October 2016 as she is getting married soon. Jennifer is a Beach Body Coach with a website with a wide variety of fitness and nutrition resources.

Beach Body and Shakeology

Now, I’m not one for drinking protein and power shakes. So these Shakeology drinks that the beach body coaches sell generally put me off from their social media platforms. It doesn’t interest me, I would rather just eat whole foods. And it isn’t in my budget. So all around, it doesn’t interest me.

That being said, there have been a lot of success from these coaches and this system. And it’s produced so many new fitness trainers that provide workouts like we are doing today. So, while I’m not a fan, I’m not a hater. I just don’t think it’s for me.

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Jennifer Oconar

Jennifer’s story is available to read here on her website. I’ll attempt to break her life down into a very small nutshell. She’s a mom, and about to be married. After giving birth to her baby boy she was not in the best shape of her life. After a girls night out she was tagged in some Facebook photos and they weren’t the best photos of her. She resolved to change her body to gain more self confidence.

Starting with Insanity workouts, she lost weight. A lot, enough to see rapid results and start to feel great. It took two rounds of the DVD’s before she was introduced the online Beach Body fitness community that corresponds to the DVD’s (I assume) and one thing leads to another and she’s a coach herself. You’ll want to read her story to really be inspired.

I left out a lot of major details you’ll really want to read. Jennifer is, truly, inspiring. Again, you can read her story by clicking here. What a strong momma.

Spell your Name and do this workout. click through and try this spell your name workout challenge and line up your workouts for the week.

My Experience
















Like I said before, this workout took me about 2o minutes and I only went through my name once. If you have a short name or once through wasn’t enough of a workout for you, go through twice. 15 letters was plenty for me. Especially with the 200 jumping jacks for quick cardio. I already told you my jumping jack problem, but I did enjoy them for cardio. Quick, easy, effective at getting my heart rate up and my breath quickened.

Them Abs are Coming On

Much like last week, I definitely enjoyed the abdominal portion in this workout. 15-50-25 sit ups combined with the burpees had my stomach screaming for mercy right until the very end. I loved it. I really really enjoy working on my abs, because I really really want a six pack.

I never thought I would have one, I got close pre pregnancy. Never imagined I’d get this close post pregnancy. I know, I know. Abs are made in the kitchen. I don’t imagine I’ll ever get a full 6 pack. Can’t give up cheesecake that easily. But I can feel them under a thin layer of delicious stomach padding.

Holding and Focus

Overall this workout was good. Not as great as last week, but one that I enjoyed and would maybe return to in the future. If I work on my kegals a bit more first, haha. I was sweating and felt the burn throughout, the plank and wall sit were killer. I made myself proud by not pausing the timer during the minute. I held the entire time.


I managed to hold these exercises by keeping my focus elsewhere. My burning muscles were at the back of my mind as I was watching The Girls Next Door on YouTube. My recent guilty pleasure while Gregory is asleep. It’s themed this month with my current book you can catch up about in the August 2016 RAD Book Club.

Before You Go

I hope you enjoyed reading about my weak bladder experience with this workout. Hopefully you have less jumps than I did if you’re a momma with similar issues currently. Let me know in the comments what you think of this workout, how many letters you were working with, and which Spell your Name Workout challenge has been your favourite so far. You know mine already.

I always recommend a stretch to cool down after a workout, and yoga the next day if you’re particularly sore. Check out Yoga by Candace and Yoga with Adriene. I’ve done some of their yoga videos and enjoyed them and the results I had loosening my muscles. Don’t forget to come back next week for another SYN workout challenge.

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