Fitview – Spell your Name Workout – pt.4

Fitness / Monday, August 15th, 2016

Spell your Name Challenge

Welcome back to week 4 of the Spell your Name Workout Challenge. I can’t believe I’ve stayed consistent with my first fitness series. Go me. In this challenge I searched Pinterest for one of those popular Spell your Name Workouts and try it out with my long ass 15 letter name and give you my review and thoughts.

The great thing about this fitview (Fitness Review) is that your workout is going to be completely different than mine. Unless you’re a fellow Katrina or Radhuber. So make sure you let me know in the comments how many letters you’re working with, and if this workout was good for you or not.

Personalize your fitness routine with a Spell your Name workout challenge. Plus, get a RAD tip on how to hold you planks and walls sit for longer.


Previous Weeks

If this is your first stop on the Spell your Name challenge, might I direct you towards the other workouts I’ve completed in this series so far. Lucky for you, you can try all these workouts in one week by scheduling them in and catching up for next weeks session.

Week One was killer on my arms. I hope you have a strong bladder and upper body strength… or maybe it’ll be just me that needs it. Week Two has been my favourite workout so far. And Week Three, last week, was a decent 15 minute workout that could easily be turned into a half hour if I doubled up my name. But I was going for a walk with Gregory and knew I’d be getting in some more cardio and upper body work done.

personalize your workout by spelling your name. Join this weekly challenge series today

Skinny Mom

Skinny Mom is a website created for moms to get the skinny on healthy living. Founded and run by Brooke Griffin, this website offers you tips on recipes, fitness, lifestyle, shopping, health and more. Ever growing, this mommy community is geared to inspiring moms to live the happy life that we not only want, but deserve.

Brooke Griffin

Brooke shares are path to starting Skinny Mom on her website here. From her hometown, to becoming a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals (cheereladers of the world UNITE!) to how she fell in love, got married and had a baby. Unfortunately, as with most stories we read that inspire us, there is a sad part to her story that eventually became the turning point in her life to create Skinny Mom.

This point in her life was when she was in a tiny room in her parents house, a newly single NEW mom, no job… how her story gives me inspiration and hope. While I am more spiritual than religious, I do respect those who share their religious experiences that was a life changing moment for them.

Turning to her faith, Brooke asked God for help, hope, and a sign. And she got an answer that she needed from him. Getting out of the rut she was now in, feeling depressed and alone, Brooke searched online for a community to help her loose weight and become a happier person again. Unable to find this, she created Skinny Mom, and the rest… you can read on her website.

Workout Information

On the original blog post, you find instructions on how to complete this workout if you’re never done a Spell your Name workout before. A good run down if this is your first stop on your challenge series here at It also gives a breakdown of each exercise listed and how to perform them. With photos and some with videos.

This is an excellent feature I have yet to see on any other Spell your Name workout we’ve done. While I didn’t use the information provided, I did appreciate it being there, and am sure many others do as well. If I read through, I am sure I would find tips on how to improve my form and maximize my performance.

Spell your Name and do this workout. click through and try this spell your name workout challenge and line up your workouts for the week.

My Experience

K-40 Crunches

A-15 Push Ups

T-60sec Wall Sit

R-60sec Plank

I-60sec Plank

N-10 Push Ups

A-15 Push Ups

R-60sec Plank

A-15 Push Ups

D-10 Burpees

H-30 Jumping Jacks

U-40 High Knees

B-50 Jumping Jacks

E-60sec Wall Sit

R-60sec Plank

Push Up Progress

Let me start off by stating that I have made great progress in my push ups. Well, I can feel a difference when I do push ups now versus when I did them in the first week of this Spell your Name workout challenge. So, while week one was killer, I can see it was worth it here in week four. All these push ups didn’t bother me today.

Planks and Walls Sits

So I am a veteran when it comes to planks and wall sits. As a cheerleading captain who planned and lead workouts for my squad, I utilized these babies all the time. Now that I am not a captain who has to lead by good attitude example, I despise these babies.

FEEL THE BURN. Oh, I felt the burn alright. No one should have to complete this many planks and wall sits without building up to this shiz-nit first. Being the stubborn woman that I am, I powered through these 60 second intervals holding the entire time without breaking form. Pro, still, after all this time. And I complain just as much during them too.

Haha, did I say I had a good attitude by example? No one really has a good attitude when it comes to planks and wall sits. Let’s get real here. But I could encourage and had a great tip to pass the time while you need to hold that pose.


While holding an exercise like a Wall Sit or Plank, consider singing a song or rhyme you enjoy. As a cheerleader, I would lead the squad in a few chants and cheers. As a SAHM, I now sing Wheels on the Bus and On Top of Spaghetti. I mean, you can sing Beyonce or T-swizzle for all I care. It WILL do the trick and pass time for you. Just don’t rush the song, you’ll be disappointed.

Before You Go

I did enjoy this workout, although my neck as sore the next day from what I assume were all those planks. Really, you shouldn’t hold for 60 full seconds if you haven’t been working up to that lately. Break the exercise down into 3-20 seconds with a 10 second break.

Aside from the unexpected burn from strenuous sets, I did enjoy this workout. Again, it isn’t my favourite we’ve done so far, but still not the worst. I felt my fitness progress with this workout, and that is always satisfying.

Let me know in the comments how many letters you worked with today and if this Spell your Name challenge worked well for you. Don’t forget to stretch after your workout is done. Check out this Fitview of Yoga by Candace and Yoga by Adriene. Both are excellent free Youtube Yoga instructors that will do just the trick.



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