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Fitness / Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Are you in need of a quick cardio session? Check out this 15 minute fat burn by SugarySixPack and this review to see if it's what you're looking for.


I found @SugarySixPack on Instagram, as I find most of my fitness gurus. It’s such a good resource to find personal trainers that are offering services and products that you would have never have known about otherwise. The internet, it’s my dear, dear friend that connects me to people I wish were my friends.

When I follow someone on Instagram I give them a trial run. Usually within a week I have seen if they’ve posted a weightloss advertisement or promote a billion other profiles, I unfollow frequently as a result of this. It isn’t what I want to see. I want to see real people, doing real workouts, getting fit the real way. I am sure diet pills and weight loss shakes work for some people. But I think that doing it the natural, slower-than-it-should-be speed, you’ll find your results lasting longer and easier to maintain.

Sugary Six Pack passed that trial time, and I clicked through the links and discovered that it isn’t just an Instagram account, this is a fitness trainer who has tons of content just waiting for me to explore! Finding an awesome trainer like this gives me all the feels a kid would have if they were let loose in a candy store. Very exciting. From this instagram account I found a website, Youtube Channel, eBooks, eGuides, a Blog, a Pinterest, Twitter. I get all giddy when I find someone new to stalk and pretend we’re friends in my head.

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About Niki

Niki is the type of person I wish I could meet in person. Because she seems like a regular girl, like me, but she is so much better than me. She motivates me, inspires me, and all around she seems to have her life together a bit more than me. That’ll happen when you don’t have a toddler though I guess. Instead of a mommy you’ve got an ACE certified personal trainer and Holistic Nutrition Coach. Who is, very clearly, excellent at what she does.

A long-time runner, right up through college, Niki has a background of running cross country and track. I, too, have this background, but not to the extent of Niki. She’s made some accomplishments and running is clearly a big part of her past. Nowadays she has a degree in Theatre and Minor in Art History, dreaming of world travelling and taking in the Arts & Culture the world has to offer. Yeah, we really should be friends. To read more about Niki click HERE.

I think passion can always be felt by way of a persons expression of their interest, not necessarily by words. I can tell you all day long I like this workout, but until you see me huffing and puffing trying to keep my breath under control in order to keep up with the workout pace, I don’t think you’ll understand my passion for this workout. I shall do my best to share my experience with you today.

15 Minute Fat Burn Cardio

Website –

Direct Video Link –

Youtube –

Duration – 18 Minutes (15 Minute Workout)

Difficulty – It’s Cardio… you’ll sweat, pant and want to take it easy if you’re new.

My Experience

I have skipped about a week and half worth of workouts.. I know. #NoExcuses. I have none other than I was lazy and didn’t have motivation. So, wanting to jump back into things, I took it easy with a short 15 minute workout that I thought would be great Cardio. And it was great Cardio… a little too great if you ask me.

Turning on the video I was excited to see that the exercises were quickly explained and demonstrated. I was also excited when I followed along and found I was feeling my breath hitch just following along the demonstrations. This usually wouldn’t excite me, as it makes me feel incredibly out of shape. But I was happy because Niki was also saying she felt her heart rate raise and breathing quicken. It was encouraging for me.

The exercises are simple, easily modified if you think they are too difficult if you’re a beginner. I was actually impressed at how effective the exercises were, and how much I actually enjoyed doing them. Like, those Burpee-Jacks… quite possibly my new favourite exercise. I’ve done them before, but doing them today with Niki was fun, I felt light and able to tackle them no problem. Also very encouraging.

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Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the workout, it was great, but it was tough. I was sweating, panting, sounding like Rachel does when she goes running with Phoebe in Friends. Hmmm, maybe I was more like Darth Vader actually. For a 15 minute workout I was really feeling the whole ‘mind over matter’  thing. My mind was trying to tell me to stop, but I was telling my mind it didn’t matter.

There are several exercises that you do, with a short rest period inbetween each set. You complete 4 rounds total of each exercise. I think it is more of a HIIT workout than a circut workout. Niki kept on telling me to go hard and that I was ‘Killing it’. I like to hear I’m killing it, I don’t like to be told to go hard when I feel like I’m already going hard but only going half your speed. Sheesh.

All in all I really enjoyed this workout and would recommend it to anyone who needs a quick and effective cardio session. Working out alongside Niki’s videos make me feel normal. My out of breath, panting hard, hair falling down, fussing over my yoga mat, going with flow and telling yourself to push hard right to the very end… did I tell you how much I was encouraged by her? And all in an 18 minute video.

Check out this fitness review of SugarySixPack's 15-minute Fat Burning Cardio video. It's a quick workout, but is it worth your time? Read my experience and review here.

Before You Go

You can follow Niki on Instagram like I do, and see her wicked awesome instafit videos for exercise ideas. Or check out her programs you can purchase and apply to your lifestyle to become a healthier you. I haven’t bought any of her products, but I love following along to her Youtube Videos she puts out weekly. I really do thank you, Niki, for putting out so much free content. Again, it encourages me, to workout, and find the extra cash to purchase your eBook and eGuide.

Want to check out another Instagram fitness guru that has lots of fitness material offer you? Check out Amanda Bisk and her Fresh Mind Fit Body Training Package. Need another workout video, but one with wicked awesome music to get you pumped? Try The Fitness Marshall and sweat yourself sexy! Don’t forget to let me know how you enjoyed this SugarySixPack workout, and make sure to leave a comment for Niki to read on one of her social networking sites.

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