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Fitness / Monday, September 5th, 2016

Fitview -Tone It Up

Welcome back to another installment of‘s #Fitview : Fitness Reviews. Today I’m sharing a workout I did courtesy of good ol’ LC and the wonderful ladies from Tone It Up .com. I am headed in towards Mudderella this month and I feel the need to up my strength training for the obstacle courses. This workout requires hand weights, although what weight you use is up to you.

Check out this Total Body Workout review and decide if this #SweatSession is right for you.

Lauren Conrad

What does LC, our beloved Laguna Beach and The Hills star have to do with our workout today? Well, as I said, good ol’ LC is the one who provided us with this workout. Remember, she’s got a book out, and a wicked awesome website where she shares all sorts of stuff we all lurve. Back in February 2016 she started a fitness series featuring the two ladies from Tone It Up. You can check out her website for more healthy living tips, and learn to live like LC.

#SweatSession scheduled. Thanks for hooking me up with a workout @LaurenConrad @ToneItUp Click To Tweet

Tone It Up

Tone It Up .com is a fitness & Nutrition website with what seems to be a very large, very sunshine-y bright community atmosphere. That’s the kind of atmosphere I am drawn to, I like these gals already. Karena and Katrina (#twinsies) have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Cosmo, PopSugar, Shape, Self, Womens Magazine and more. They’ve got meal plans, fitness DVD’s, apparel and even a lifestyle blog where I learned how to style my hair ‘beach waves’. Hey, summer is coming to an end, I need to suck in all the sunshine I can muster during the rainy season.

Jumping In To It

So I want to get right into this workout because I think if I get any more into detail about either Lauren or the Tone It Up ladies, we’ll just get sucked into the rabbit hole. They’ve got content for days, head on over to one or both of their websites after you’re done here and check it out for yourself. I think I just procrastinated on writing this post about 30 minutes just scrolling.

I want to start off by saying I used 8 lb weights for half of the workout, and 3 lb weights for the second half. Those are what I have to work with, and when the 8 lbs were proving too difficult to maintain proper form, I knew I needed to take it down a notch. I am telling you this so that you, too, can recognize when you aren’t performing your best and need to reconsider your workout tactics to get better results. Sometimes it’s using lighters weights, sometimes it’s taking a break, having a snack first, drinking water… take care of yourself. Let’s jump into it then.

Total Body workout by Lauren Conrad and Check out this workout, and a review to see if this is right for you. Add it to your workout plan and get your sweat on!

My Rad Experience

Starting off strong, I did the wrong exercise right off the bat. I happened to glance at the photo and thought ‘Plie Jump Squat, GOT IT’ and went off. I was wrong, lesson learned. I restarted about 20 jumps in, out of breath and warmed up. I have no idea if this mistake affected my energy level for the rest of the workout, but I am just thinking of it as an little extra somethin’ somethin’ I did a little extra to tone it up.

The Beginning

So, starting off correctly with a simple plie squat and moving into the side lunge tap, I felt my heart rate quicken and body warm. Easy peasy, a good start to a workout. Exercise 3 is the running girl, where things suddenly got very difficult for me. I have really poor upper body strength, I am trying so hard to work on it, but these were really hard for me. The one legged bicep pulses were much easier to manage, but returning to the running girl to repeat on the other side was not fun. This workout was a challenge, and I am still at the start.

The Middle

The weighted leg lift, Arnold presses and lateral raises required a lot of balance that I just didn’t seem to have at the moment. Trust me, I have balance, case in point the photo below. But some days our equilibrium is off and gravity seems to be particularly strong. I used a chair to rest my hand on for support. The key to using a chair, purely for something to stabilize you is to not hold on to it. IF you need to, do it. But I like to place the back of my hand on the chair so I don’t rely on the chair, it’s merely there for… moral support.Katrina on Mt Seymour at Sunrise. a wonderful way to start your day. Check out this STAY AT HOME MOM's Chasing Sunrise Adventure

The End

Dead lift with three pulses, I never think I do these correctly, but I quite enjoy them. I would love to go to the gym and work on my glutes one day, using all the weights and a barbell. Move 9 gets you to the floor and really starts your core portion of the workout. Moves 9-13 are basically all abs and you will feel the burn. LURVE THE BURN. I did not lurve the burn.

In fact, I gave up half way through the last exercise and thought I was cheating the move by letting my upper body rest as I just crunched my legs to my chest. …That was the exercise. So while I didn’t lurve the burn, I did feel it, I brought the pain more than necessary… again… and a few days later my abs have recovered and look BOSS. Yeah, I think I can see a little 4 pack coming in, screw my 2-pack. Oops, never mind, that’s a line from me sitting and getting belly rolls. #LoveYou2Pack

Final Thoughts

This Tone It Up workout was really difficult, that being said, I made it more difficult than needed. I guess switching to lighter hand weights wasn’t too bad of a feat to take, I still rocked this workout. I think the layout of the infograph/workout is really weird. Me, not being the type to preview the workout and jumps into it blindly (like most aspects in life) I didn’t brief myself on the exercises and which goes next. I stopped for several minutes reading, trying to decide if I needed to repeat on the other side, if there was another that would need repeating and if I needed to go one more exercise before going back.

Do yourself a favour, read over the entire thing before heading in. Why must I complicate my life and live like this? Because there is no other way. Aside from the layout screwing with me, this workout was excellent. I worked up a sweat, I felt the burn, I highly recommend this if you are looking for a workout with weights, full body, and not particularly long. I didn’t time the workout, but I don’t believe it took longer than 30 minutes. And I feel like I was generous with that time estimate.

Before You Go

Looking for another workout? Check out this Kickboxing Ballet Body Sculpt workout sure to make your calves, back and abs scream for mercy. Or, just be rather sore the next day. Also check out Fresh Mind Fit Body by Amanda Bisk, it’s a 7-day pre-training workout program that you can access for free. I used it to jump start my fitness journey this year and it was awesome. A great way to challenge yourself. Looking for something more personal? Check out a Spell your Name workout challenge from last month. The challenge isn’t over, I just needed to focus on strength training this month. Enjoy, see you next week.


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