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Fitness / Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

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Yoga with Adriene

For a while now I have really wanted to get into yoga. I’ve tried Bikram (Hot) Yoga before when my mentor invited me along to a few of her classes. It was awesome. I love heat, and stretching, and I was so in focus with my body… I’d take up Hot Yoga on the regular any day! But alas, it is very expensive and I just can’t part ways with a monthly membership of $99+. Sorry, but I don’t even have $20+ to spend on exercise. So until I can financially sustain my Hot Yoga love, I’ve decided to try out regular yoga. Which is where Adriene comes in. I did what I do best when I need to find out how to do something. I YouTube (or Pinterest) it. Yoga with Adriene  was the first channel result and I clicked into it, because if she had 1.3 Million Subscribers, she had to be doing something right, am I right? I subscribed to Adriene just before the new year and watched as her new years Yoga Camp videos popped up in my subscription box every day.


New Years… you’d expect me to jump on the fitness train and try something new. But I wasn’t into it enough yet. My curiosity wasn’t strong enough to take on one of her sessions. I mostly looked at the videos as motivation, and I wish I hadn’t looked at them like that for as long as I did. 3 Months… 3 MONTHS had gone by before I even looked at Adrienes Channel again. And when I did I was surprised that I was surprised to see she had an assortment of beginner videos to choose from. Like, if I had used my brain a while back I might’ve thought she’d take into consideration some people are completely green but still want to try yoga. I mean, that’s why I searched online instead of going to a class. (Introvert alert). So without further adieu, here is Adriene’s Yoga for beginners and my experience and review.


Fitness Review (Fitview)

Yoga For Complete Beginners 23:44


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Difficulty Level: Beginner

I though it was: SUPER RAD!

My Experience started as I got home from a jog with my Bean. I was feeling really tight and didn’t want to use  my own brain and think up of a stretching routine and succumbed to the videos that pop up in my YouTube feed. In the living room, on a carpet that should have been vacuumed mind you, I followed along with the video. Adriene is very pleasant to listen to, and the routine she has is absolutely wonderful. She herself says which stretch she feels most because she is sore from the day before…which is good. Because I felt every stretch all over because of my workout the day before.

This isn’t a “Here’s the position aaaannnndd HOLD!” kind of yoga I had imagined it would be. Like you see in the movies and someone is always falling over or struggling to stay balanced. No, Adriene encourages you to feel your body and instructs how to rock your stretch to loosen yourself up more. This was really nice, it was exactly what I needed. And when I returned to the video over the next few days I utilized that time to stretch and feel how my positioning is and tested my alignment. Yeah, you read correctly. I did this video for several days. 5 in a row, and then once more before writing this post. Adriene suggests repeating this video for a week. I did not have the attention to watch it again, not wanted to listen to the same words again. Don’t get me wrong, Adriene is great, but I don’t like to hear repeated things too much. Unless it’s an amazing song… or Gregory  talking/laughing.

Day 1- My body was already sore. The positions were a slight challenge. The rest of the day my body felt light and loose.

Day 2/3- I was sore, but the stretch with Adriene felt so good.. I managed to find a yoga mat to use.

Day 4/5 – I was excited to get back from my morning jog to do Yoga to Adriene. What an awesome week.


Day 6- The moves are easier to move into and I could follow along with just her voice. Whether this is because I remember the whole routine, or the moves she calls out, I am still unsure of. I feel great. Again. Why do I ever go a day without this?

Final Thoughts –
I really appreciate Adriene for making it so easy to follow along. The way she explains that even an experienced Yogi can benefit from doing even basic moves and listening to beginner tips makes me feel more aware and I remember her pointers more. Adriene motivates me to try not to be perfect and to listen to my body which is exactly what I need reminding when I have a toddler distracting me every 5 seconds. I look forward to trying another video, or video playlist of Adrienes. I also hope I continue Yoga. I feel great, and see why they say once you do a second class you are hooked. What are your thoughts and experience with Yoga with Adriene?

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