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Fitness / Thursday, May 26th, 2016


I’m a major fan of ZuzkaLight’s Zuzka. In fact, I have been following her since she was with BodyRock. Ah the good ol’ days of my teenage years where I thought if I subscribed to a fitness channel I would magically get ripped.

Check out this fitness video review on ZuzkaLight's 5 Minute Fat Burn... tabata style. You have just gotta tabata!

BodyRock Backround

Zuzka is a beast. Her body is ah-mazing and her accent is rather intoxicating. BodyRock and Zuzka had quite the departing, one where I fully side with Zuzka. After some quick Google searching, I found the exact article that pointed me back in the direction of Zuzka. After not keeping up with BodyRock and returning to find a new hostess, I was very upset. Where is my Zuzka?

Check out this article: My BodyRock Breakup for the rundown of what happened. It’s a doozy, be prepared. It’s the most comprehensive post of Zuzka’s past and how she got to where she is today. It’s quite the journey.

If you read the article, then you’ll know that Zuzka has been slowly rebuilding her brand, which embodies who Zuzka is. A fun, empowering, fitness goddess that wants you to get fit and feel good. Zuzka isn’t just about fitness, she likes to share her travels, fashion, and enjoys having talks over coffee. If you’re looking for that kind of atmosphere in your fitness community, you’ll like Zuzka.

Check out the review on this Fitness Trainer, ZuzkaLight, and see why any mom who is strapped for time but needs to get in shape fast will love Zuzka.


It’s been brought to my attention that there are many different styles of exercise. Well, that isn’t news to me. What is new is all the new kinds of exercise styles I am learning about. As a pre-teen I had a chance to experience Circuit Training. I often go for that kind or HIIT workouts now, as it’s a great workout for a short time. I’ve recently discovered Tabata. Tabata training is a type of HIIT workout, to the extreme. Well, I think it’s extreme.

Tabata is a workout where you go HARD for 20 seconds, and REST for 10 seconds. This 20/10 sequence lasts for about 4-5 minutes. It’s great for people who need an effective workout but have very little time to do one. Exerting all your energy for a very short amount of time with an even shorter rest before you go again makes your muscles work. This is effective for overall fitness and weightloss. You’re jump starting your metabolism so your body is still burning calories hours after you’ve finished your workout.

Pretty dece in my books. Considering I haven’t had the motivation to do a longer workout in the last weeks, this is an excellent style of workout for me. It gets my heart pumping, just as i feel like I want to give up, the workout is over, AND I often feel like I can do another Tabata a few hours later.

Because, let’s be honest, I don’t feel like I did a good enough workout for the day in 4 minutes. No matter how intense I go during those few minutes, I forget the struggle and want to get another round of good endorphin in my body.

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5 Minute Fat Burning Workout #71 – No Equipment Needed

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Length : 7:23 (5 Minute Workout)

Difficulty : All Levels  (Can modify workout intensity and pace to personal needs)

My Experience

Knowing this workout was only 5 minutes long, I wanted to make sure I got my workouts worth. I went hard from the get-go. I really appreciate that Tabata is 20 seconds on. Those 20 seconds I went hard had me wanting to lay down and saw my legs off. They were on FIRE! The goal is to go all the way, and I went there. The jump lunges are at the start of the circuit if I am recalling correctly, and they are killer to start the circuit out. Round two… be prepared.

My favourite move was the donkey kick to shoulder press. Shoulder presses are a rather new exercise I have delved into the last few months. I love them, and the donkey kick is just plain fun. I had tons of fun with this one, and I plan to incorporate this specific exercise move into my regular workout plans now.

That’s what I love about experimenting with these Fitview – Fitness Reviews, I get to experience many different fitness trainers styles and take which exercises I love most and make them into my own personalized routine. 

I really enjoyed this workout, for several reasons.

  1. The workout itself is awesome, and  when I’m done writing this I’m off to perform a second one for the day.
  2. The Camera footage is awesome. Camera Angles change frequently, which is a subtle difference between other videos I’ve followed. I like the camera angle changes.
  3. Zuzka in Real Time. Zuzka does the workouts with you, and she doesn’t jump cut any footage from what I can tell. Her breathing and effort shows, if it’s a good enough workout for her, it’s got to be great for me.
  4. Fast Paced, Ends Quickly. Once again, Tabata is quick, this is what I need when I want to workout during Gregory’s nap time but don’t want to waste spend the whole time working out instead of relaxing having ‘me’ time. The whole workout is over before I even realized it.

What I love about Zuzka’s workouts is that she generally makes them all about body weight and body control. No need to have a lot of extra equipment lying around your house. I will recommend a Yoga mat, as it is very nice to work on. Also, it is up to you to complete a warm up and quick stretch to prep your body for this quick workout. March in place, do some jumping jack, I’m talking easy cardio to get your heart rate up and muscles loosened.

I advise you not to warm up with some jump lunges. I did, and that was, like, the first exercise. It’s effective, that’s why I was using it to warm up. I know to click through to her website link before I start the workout next time so I can see a rundown of the exercises we are going to be doing.

Check out this fitness Video review of ZuzkaLight's 5 minute Tabata Fat burn. It's quick, effective... just read and you'll want to try it. I mean, why not? It's literally 5 minutes.


Before You Go

If you do this workout and don’t think it is quite long enough to meet your needs, I suggest checking out Amanda Bisk’s 7-day free workout plan, check out my review to see what you’re in for. It’s great, and I highly recommend if the Tabata just isn’t long enough for you. If you’re looking for something more slower paced, check out Yoga with Adriene, or maybe The Fitness Marshall. Go ahead, sweat yourself sexy. If you’re in the need of a powerful woman to lead you in a workout, check out Niki’s 15 minute workout with her SugarySixPack fitness brand.

I recommend them all, reviewed them all, and if you need another workout reviewed before you try it because, you’re busy and don’t have the time to mess around with ineffective workouts, leave a comment with a link and I’ll be sure to add it to my workout list. I love trying out a new trainer. Hope my review was helpful for you to decide if ZuzkaLight is up your alley, check back next week for another Fitview.

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