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Fitness / Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

The fitness Marshall fitness video review

“Sweat Yourself Sexy”

It’s no secret by now that anything that involves music automatically brings out the dancer in me. Including workouts, in fact, music is what makes a workout a billion times more fun for me. As a trained Jazz dancer who has dabbled in hiphop, lyrical and of course, tons of cheerleading, any fitness routine promising to include dance and music and a good sweat grabs my attention.

I recently came across The Fitness Marshall on Youtube and watched a video at random one day. I was pretty impressed, good music, fun looking moves and excellent energy from the host & backup booty.

So, I decided to give it a try and that brings me to today where I am giving you a fitness video review so that you’ll go shake that booty and sweat yourself sexy.


About The Fitness Marshall

The Fitness Marshall started in 2014 by Caleb Marshall, and it hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down in its popularity growth. With over 350,000 subscribers and nearly 60 Million views as of me writing this blog post, you can clearly see that this Youtube Channel and host are rising stars.

You can pick and choose which videos you want to dance along to and get your groove on, or plan a full workout session with Caleb. He’s set up a super easy customizable workout routine. By heading to his Youtube Channel Playlists you’ll find three different sections I want you to focus on.

-Warm Up

-Main Workout

-Cool Down

Caleb instructs you to create your own workout playlist with his videos from these playlists to create a full workout. Choose 2 Warm Up videos, 8 Main Workout videos, 1 Cool Down video and get ready to sweat yourself sexy!


the fitness marshall youtube channel dance workout video reviews. see why you need this up and coming youtube star in your fitlife.

The Fitness Marshall

Playlist Link:

Youtube Channel:


Difficulty level: Be able to count 5-6-7-8

Length: 3 or more minutes

I thought it was: SO MUCH FUN!



I was totally pumped and ready to get my body moving when I started this workout session with The Fitness Marshall, and I was not disappointed. I did a total of 7 videos, not realizing I missed one until I finished. I’ll go through my top 3 videos and give a review below.

S&M Cardio Hip-Hop

This was so much fun! The ‘whip’ move is so much fun, even though I didn’t really understand how to do it properly until the end. This is the kind of song I’d repeat over an over, and it helps that I just like this song. Still. After all this time. I put in a lot of energy and could feel the difference between major energy exertion and moderate energy exertion in these videos. To get a real workout, put in all your energy for the whole song.


This list might be turning into which songs are my favourite out of the choices available, haha. This video, however, had my attention because the attitude level you can throw into your moves matches the song so well. And what girl doesn’t want mo’ money? So I’ll dance my butt off until I get my money! The Backup booty really adds to every video. I really enjoy them.

STARSHIPS Cardio Hip Hop

This used to be my go-to song to run to back in my cheer-days. So listening to this song brings back all the good feels of a good summer. Dancing to this video, however, burns your arms muscles like you want your arms to fly away. No kidding, this is a great arm workout. I have been worried I don’t work on my upper body fitness enough, now I’ll just throw this dance in my dance randomly to get a decent sweat session in.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun time, a really good sweaty cardio session, and maybe something to bring up your spirits if you’re feeling blue, The Fitness Marshall is for you. I’m not kidding about the mood lifter.

Music has been proven to effect your mood. Exercise releases mood lifting endorphin’s. And being around other positive people who are encouraging can really help, especially if you’re not technically in the public because you’re a bit of an introvert.

So spending 3 minutes or an hour following along to some fun choreography and hitting some moves hard to get a full body workout, I doubt you’ll be disappointed in this video series. It’s perfect for anyone in need of some fun cardio.

A mom, ex-cheerleader, ex-party-girl-having-fun-in-her-early-twenties, someone wanting to get in shape, wanting to have fun… then this is the workout for you. Try it out and let me know which are your favourite.

AND if you go to a live workshop or have been to a live workshop with Caleb Marshall let me know how it was. I would love to go to one. You Americans always have all the fun. 😉

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