Funny Labour and Delivery Story

Lifestyle / Thursday, March 20th, 2014

So here is a fun story that involves my labour and delivery. My mom works with the public and the other day a customer came in and needed help. A very nice couple with a newborn sleeping soundly in a stroller. My mom recognized the man but couldn’t place where she knew him from, so stayed quiet about it.

Conversation quickly turned to babies as they had a newborn and my mom was a grandma again. The woman explained how she had a C-section and was still not able to carry her baby for an extended time or do any lifting. Even after 2 weeks. Then it hit her, the hospital. She knew the man from the hospital.

After that realization the conversation quickly took off. This couple was prepping for a C-section while I was in the Labour room across the hall from the operating room. However they ran into a minor speed bump. I needed another epidural, but the anesthesiologist was busy with this couple. A doctor had gone in to visit them and explained that their C-section might be postponed as an emergency case might need to go in first.

Doctor patient confidentiality meant they couldn’t know the woman who was the emergency, but they were told it was the lady opposite of the surgical room… aka, Me!

Turns out our world is very small. What are the chances of running into a couple who not only had a baby the same day, and same hour… but a couple whose delivery was colliding with mine making doctors make the difficult decision on who to help first.

I thought it was very cool. But it also made me slightly upset that the doctors had not once mentioned the chance of a C-section for me. I know it is the past, and everything turned out fine. But it is still a little scary to think I almost had surgery. I wish doctors were more straight forward about these things. So I would at least would have had a chance to accept the fact that I would need a surgery. And not just throw me into one unexpectedly.

Story time is fun time. Just thought it was interesting enough to share.