Gregory and Mom Selfie Shoot

Lifestyle / Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Mommy and Gregory Selfies

For a very long time I took daily photos of Gregory and posted them to my facebook account. I didn’t want to miss a single change or forget a single feature on his beautiful face. Unfortunately I lost many photos before I uploaded them when my phone broke. Procrastination really doesn’t do me good, yet it is a personal flaw I struggle to overcome on a daily basis. I am sad I discontinued daily photos, and eventually monthly photos. But we live and learn what we appreciate the most. Now I do Gregory vlogs.
This photo set was taken June 25th 2014 and¬†Gregory was only 115 days old. It wasn’t very often I took a series of photos. Some days he was even sleeping on his side and you barely see his face. But some days I went above and beyond and we had fun. I recommend every parent to do things like these with their kids. I thought it would come naturally, taking pictures of my kid often. But I had to focus and remember to make the effort. You don’t want to forget anything. Or at least I don’t.
Enjoy our fun