How we Save Money on the Cable & Internet Bill

Lifestyle / Saturday, May 28th, 2016

 The Boob Tube

I like TV. There. I said it.

Yes, the television has always been a great friend to me growing up. From watching The Big Comfy Couch, binge watching retro movie marathons with my mom, sick days on the couch with my sister watching the Price is Right, to watching the good ol’ boob tube just to pass time because I wanted to wake up early one day and catch the early bus to school instead of getting to school as the bell rang because we lived so far from the school there were only two times to catch the bus, early, or late… and when I woke up I woke up super early because I was only in grade 4 and I didn’t understand what Daylight Savings meant so when the time changed I was up an extra extra hour early and couldn’t figure out why so I watched TV until the rest of my family woke up.

True story, bro.

So you see, TV and me, we’re good pals.

I never thought there would be a day when the TV and I weren’t friends, but that day came. And a lot sooner than any young adult truly realizes.

Bill day, when you first move out of mom and dads house. These silly things you sometimes overlook. You know having cable is going to cost you money each month just like your phone bill, but did you have any idea of how expensive cable can be?

Where I live it can get pretty pricey pretty fast. I mean, you can get by with the basic cable package, but who are we kidding. There is only so much on basic cable worth watching. You need second tier, or at least one subscription package add on of maybe 3-5 channels. Which can cost anywhere from $5-$30+.

Now really think about it, how often are you actually watching the TV to enjoy that premium channel you are paying for? You can’t watch them all at once, and if you pay for multiple packages that is a lot of service you pay for but don’t get to utilize because you are only one person. I sometimes wish I had a clone so I could do two things at once… nevermind. Bad idea.

In our RAD house we found that it just wasn’t worth paying for Cable anymore. We knew we would miss the TV, but we had an Xbox. So it wasn’t like we weren’t completely screen-less.

The Xbox was just the beginning though. We upgraded to an Xbox One, but if you either of those, a Wii or other console that connects to the internet then you have the same opportunity to save as me!

how we save big ### money on our cable and internet bill. Because I like TV wayyyy too much to turn it off to save some extra money each month. this is our RAD solution.


The Internet, Baby, Yeah!

Xbox One has the ability to play games, movies, and have many, many apps that connect to the internet and provide services. You knew this already? I knew you knew that, I’m telling you you need to utilize it! We have Netflix, CBC News App and Youtube. Those are literally my main 3 apps I use. I don’t need anything else.

Except perhaps faster internet, but even after the purchase of more bandwidth we still found our RAD house saving money each month. No kidding, hey? We were already paying for Netflix on a monthly basis. So there is no extra cost, just savings from the cable bill. Extra internet cost us less than basic cable, what’s your price difference look like?



Netflix is a free app, but pay a monthly subscription. No, this is not a sponsored post. But who doesn’t have a Netflix account, or stolen a password from someone who has one? If not Netflix, HuluAmazon Prime, even buying a pre-season pass to a TV show or movie on iTunes could be cheaper as you get to keep and enjoy the product forever after. I haven’t tested the iTunes theory.

Netflix seems to be pretty boss at updating their movies on a regular basis lately, from my perspective at least. Movies that I saw previews for and wanted to see, but never got to see in theaters and therefore forgot about, show up and I get to watch and enjoy all the same.

And I’m not telling you how to do it or anything, but I’m aware of a technique that enables you to obtain Netflix from another Country and enjoy movies and shows unavailable in yours. But I’m not telling you how to, or that you should do it. I’m just full of…let’s say random… information.

Plus, access on your phone, computer and tablet at  no extra fee… Whoever doesn’t think Netflix or another streaming service site isn’t worth the money, well they are fools to me.

CBC News

CBC News app is also free, but often glitches out and is extremely frustrating.

Still, it is my go to way to watch national news by watching The National. I have to say, I really miss Chris Brunhuber as host. Those Los Angelas residents are a lucky bunch of folks getting my favourite news anchor.


Our RAD house feels a very special connection to him because of this. haha


YouTube is a free app, free to sign up, free on your phone, tablet, gaming system, and you can pay to upgrade to YouTube Red. The upgrade allows you to skip advertisements and gives you access to exclusive content made by creators (People who upload, they get a fancy name… which makes me realize I am a Creator. woohoo).

By not having access to the content I can’t say whether or not I am truly missing out, but the advertisements don’t bother me too much. In fact I treat them just as a commercial on cable. Only it’s usually 5-45 seconds, depending if you are able to “skip” the ad, and it’s only one…max two before most videos.

Yeah, most videos.

Not all, and you can skip the ad after a few seconds 99% of the time. I use this time to get a snack, drink, bathroom break, get Gregory set up or play/dance with him. Sometimes Gregory gets upset that his video doesn’t play right away, but he hasn’t ever had the life-long struggle of dealing with commercials. He just gets to point at one of the many pictures on the screen and watch instantly.

I wish I had on demand video clips, TV shows and movies growing up.

2016; What a time to grow up in.

everyone has fond memories of watching The Price Is Right when home sick from school when they were a kid...

LESS Screen Time

I find that I spend less time watching TV now. Which is interesting in a way. Because I have access to more TV shows now than just having access to cable. I mean, as we said above, you have commercials when watching cable.

On average in a 30 minute TV show time slot there are only 18-22 minutes of actual show to watch. The rest is commercials. We spend that time sitting, watching those commercials, being fed advertisements that make us want to go out and spend MORE money.

Not watching the commercials cuts my TV time. Also, it cuts out advertisements on new TV show, so I don’t have a new line up of shows I want to watch when this season is over. I used to love that about Autumn. The new Fall show line-up always has great new shows and the return of favourites.

But I also remember that I used to sit for hours watching TV. That just isn’t healthy. With less commercials, less new TV shows being thrown in my face, I find my time being spend outdoors or playing with my son.

Netflix and Youtube gives me access to an abundance of material to watch. I often get lazy and don’t want to search for something interesting to watch. Too much of a selection can be a bad thing. But having a large selection gives me an easier time to find a show I would like to start watching.

Binge watching movies and TV series is bound to happen when you first switch off the TV as the adjustment period takes a bit. Also, it’s exciting to have a different way of getting your entertainment. So good luck, let me know how it works for you. Don’t forget to change the internet password to prevent your kids from accessing their shows if they have watched too much, need to do chores/homework or have been naughty.

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