Insane Inflatable 5k – A Fun Run ‘Race’ Experience

Fitness / Monday, November 28th, 2016

My First Race

Marathons, half marathons, 10k’s…. nah…. give me a 5km fun run. A few weeks back I went on my first 5k ‘race’. It was my first ever race since Track & Field and Cross Country in school. I didn’t want it to be serious, I wanted to have fun.

Today I wanted to share my first ever race that was not only a run, it was fun. Come along my adventure running the Insane Inflatable 5k fun run.

insane inflatable 5k race, what an experience. come along this fun run with the Dr and Thing 1 & 2


I enjoy running, it helps me clear my mind and relax. Well, it used to help me relax until I found one of the best fitness apps ever, Zombies, Run!

I don’t really run, I more jog. Actually, I may have coined the term ‘jalking’ while running the Insane Inflatable 5k. Because that’s what I was doing, jog/walking.

I don’t think you have to be able to run really well to be called a runner. And I don’t think you need to be an expert pro-runner to run in a race.

I’m far into my fitness journey and it was a goal of mine to enter and run a race. Not to win, but to finish and feel accomplished with myself.

A Fun Run

Originally I was meant to run Mudderella with Missy this year, but there was an accident and I was injured just a week before and didn’t feel comfortable pushing my limits with that intense race.

I had also planned to sign up for the Insane Inflatable 5K with Julie, which was shortly after Mudderella and I was healed by then and ready to get my run on.

Of course I could have run a normal race, but this was a momentous occasion. It was my first race I’ve ever done, it’s a major milestone for anyone in their fitness journey. I wanted to leave my first race smiling.

Man oh Man was this ever a fun run! Whether or not you’re able to find an Insane Inflatable 5k, or another fun run, make your first race not so much a race. Make it just for fun and enjoy the moment.

Make your next races about time. That was my mentality when I started and I had so much fun taking my sweet time running a short 5km.

Katrina with her Insane 5K medal

Insane Inflatable 5K

The Insane Inflatable 5k race is every persons dream play land. Months back I took Gregory to Kerrisdale Play Palace and was super jealous of all the inflatable toys he was able to play on and I was too big to enjoy.



Along the 5km you run in this race you come across inflatable obstacles that you get to jump on and bounce around.

They literally tell you before your heat starts that if you enjoy the obstacle, stay and bounce! It’s so much fun, I’m grinning from ear to ear typing about it remembering how great it was.

Check out the 2016 promo video, it is literally just as much fun as it looks. Get ready to want to sign up for some insane fun.


As you saw in the video, there are many people who dress up. It’s a fun run, after all. I ran with Julie and Mr. Radhuber and we picked a theme of Cat in the Hat to dress up as. Mr. Radhuber was the cat, and we were Thing 1 and Thing 2.

We DIY’d our shirts and TuTu’s, it was much easier than I thought it would be, and it turned out way better than I thought it would look. It was a cloudy day and called for rain so we wore pants under our tutu’s, but orginally planned shorts and blue leggings. We still looked awesome and had many compliments, photos and children coming up to say hi to the Cat.

I highly recommend dressing up for your fun run. If not in a full costume like Mr. Radhuber, wear a matching colours, shirts and throw on a tutu.

We even saw a T-rex run the race. Yep. A Dinosaur.

Have fun with it!

Katrina and Julie dressed up as thing 1 and thing 2 for a 5k race

Start of The Race

We were told to arrive an hour before our race started. This is a short race, it’s not timed, and many people sign up for it. Starting early in the morning, every 15 minutes a heat would be released onto the course to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Hanging out people watching was half the fun of this run. We saw princesses, ninja turtles, bananas, a pirate, a bat, Team Tacocat and so many teams wearing matching shirts and colour coordinated. The hour we waited for our heat to race passed really quickly.

The check in line up was really long, we were very glad to have gone and picked up out race packet the evening before so we could quickly get through to bag check and skip standing around.

When it came close to 9:45, our heat was called to the start line and briefed on how to have fun and waited for our ceremonial horn to blow.

My RAD Experience

Dressing up with friends is a blast itself, getting to go on inflatable obstacles is a blast itself. Getting to both at the same time… I was living in a dream. This fun run, my first race, can I just say that I still can’t believe I did this? It seems too cool for me to have done.

Hanging back and not wanting to finish this race quicker than I wanted, Julie, Mr. Radhuber and I decided we’d go jalking through this race.

The start of the race is an obstacle, climb up a path and slide down the other side. It was a slow start, everyone scrambling to get up first. Crowded, it was still fun.

Yellow Cones

The Insane Inflatable 5K I went on was located in Surrey in the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. The 5K was looped all around and marked by yellow cones.

At the start of the race we were briefed and told to follow the cones, keeping them on your left.

I often saw many people not following the cones, or seeing that the cone looped back and they skipped out on part of the  race. It didn’t really change my race or how I ran, it was just an observation that I noted and made me realize that I would rather go slow and actually finish all 5km by following the yellow cones. Keeping them to my left.

The cones lead you from the start line to the next obstacle rather quickly, and then another. I’m sure all the layouts are different, but I think all set ups will have some obstacles close in proximity to each other and some father away. Depending on space.

Insane Inflatable 5K medal and Tshirts

The Obstacles

Let’s talk the best part of this race, the inflatable obstacles.

RAD TIP: If you can, sign up for an early heat. We ran at 9:45am which I think was about half way through the day. It was already rather muddy and we didn’t envy anyone who had to run the last heat.

The obstacles are so much fun. Take your time on them, try not to get hurried along in the crowd. Jump, flip, and bounce around.

I was surprised at how much energy I exerted at each inflatable obstacle. As I climbed off of each one I noticed how hard my heart was beating and that I was out of breath.

Working hard at having fun, It took more energy to get through some of the obstacles than jog to the next one. Which is fine, it means you’re going to be putting in the most effort while you’re paying the least amount of attention to how much energy you are using.

Skipping Obstacles

You are more than welcome to repeat an obstacle, I saw several kids running, yep all ages, run back for another go at a few.

I didn’t repeat any obstacles. I did, however skip one. The third to last obstacle, which seemed to be the longest of them all, had a line up of about 100 people or more.

It was quite interesting to be following the yellow cones and realize the lineup wasn’t even along the cone line, people just started a line and soon it got very long and you just had to wait.

Realizing we were nearly done the race, we didn’t care to stand in line for what looked to be a 30-45 minute wait for our turn.

I’m a little sad we didn’t get to go on all the inflatables, but don’t regret not waiting in that line up. It was long, and I did not look forward to standing and getting cold in the wind.

The second to last obstacle also took a very long time to get through. I get it, save the best for last. I don’t think it was very well thought out though.

An insane finish the doctor pulled off at the inflatable 5K! Finish Line

Crossing the finish line requires you to climb up an obstacle and slide down the other side across the finish line. There was a photographer standing there taking photos of people as they slide down.

Mr. Radhuber turned around and did a back flip down the slide. Of course this terrified me, not wanting to see him get hurt, but it was impressive.

Climbing off the slide we completed the Insane Inflatable 5K race and got a medal, T-shirt, water bottle and energy bar for a reward.

I’m very impressed with myself. My first race, complete with friends, costumes, inflatable obstacles and tons of laughs.

Final Thoughts

I was so excited to do this race. Now that I’ve completed it, I want to do it again. When Gregory is a bit older I hope to sign us up together and run. There were many kids running, I was very impressed.

I highly recommend a fun run for your first race if you’re new to running and racing. I didn’t know what to expect, but this was such a chill and fun experience that I feel really confident that I can do another. I may not even make it a fun race, it’ll be a real one.

Before You Go

I wanted to write this post so I could remember my first race and my thoughts on it. I highly recommend the Insane Inflatable 5k, and look forward to any race I choose to run in the future.

I recommend trail running to train for a race, it’s easier on your joints and for a fun run where they need to spread out inflatables like this, you’re going to be running on multiple types of terrain.

An insane finish the doctor pulled off at the inflatable 5K!

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