Labour and Delivery

Lifestyle / Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Sorry it has taken so long to get this up, but it was a hard delivery, and been a rough two weeks adjusting to motherhood. However enjoyable it is, struggles have been had, as was expected. 🙂

Friday Morning February 28, it was my grandpa’s birthday. I woke up to contractions. They stopped by about 10am. I was upset as I really hoped somehow we could pull off a delivery on his birthday. What a present! First great grandson, best birthday present EVER! haha. I spent the day walking, dancing, squatting and doing everything I could think of to get contractions to start again.

11pm hit and voila, contractions started up again. They weren’t too unbearable yet. My water had not yet broken, so there was no need to rush off to the hospital. I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep. Only waking for the most painful of contractions. When they started to be about 7-9 minutes apart I was awake and could no longer sleep. I was very excited, yet it hit me about now that I was going to push a human being out of a very small hole soon. And that scared me.

I spent all of Saturday in pain. Contractions didn’t get any closer together. However they did get much more painful as the hours passed. I wished I could have done something to speed up this stage. But no. This girl had to suffer, and the suffering was unknowingly just starting unfortunately. I wasn’t eating much, but I knew I had to eat for energy so I nibbled on food here and there. At this point it hurt to do much of anything. To stand up or sit down (even to pee) brought on another contraction. Generally speaking, after every contraction I felt like I had to pee. Imagine that. What luck!

Saturday night I couldn’t sleep. The contractions finally started to get closer together. It was about 10:30pm and they went from a solid 8 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart. Now, I was GBS positive, so as soon as I was in active labour I was told to head on into the hospital. So we waited an hour and timed to make sure this was the real deal. They were 5 minutes or less apart, and lasted over a minute each. I paced our home and paused to grab onto something… anything to take my pain out on. It was usually a couch cushion or blanket that was balled up. I was not having a fun.

On the way to the hospital I contacted my parents and let them know what was up so they could wake up and head down to the hospital. They made it there in record time. For being about 35 minutes from the hospital they arrived in about 20. Luckily it was after midnight and the streets were empty for them!

My doctor was on call that night (which excited me that she would be the one to deliver) and after about an hour, she sent me home. I was not yet in active labour apparently. This sucked. I was tired, in pain and just wanted to get this over with. But apparently Baby wasn’t ready, or my body wasn’t ready. Either way we headed home.

Adrien got me a bowl of cereal and a Popsicle once home to fill my tummy. It was easy enough for me to get down between contractions. My doctor advised to get some sleep. And I tried… but it was a no go. And I was keeping Adrien up and I felt bad that he had to miss out on valuable sleep. So I got out of bed and headed to the nursery. At 3am Sunday morning (March 2nd) is when issues started to arise.

Contractions stayed a steady 5 minutes apart, that wasn’t the issue. I couldn’t sleep and I was exhausted as I had only had 4 hours the night before, that wasn’t the issue. I hadn’t eaten much the last day as my appetite was suppressed by the pain I was experiencing, that wasn’t the issue. It was my back. The pain I felt radiated and nearly made me collapse. I cried, for hours. I cried and paced and didn’t know how I was going to deal with this pain. It wasn’t until I was nearly screaming in pain that Adrien convinced me to head back to the hospital. I didn’t want to because I really didn’t want to be sent home again, but maybe they could give me something to help. So back to the hospital we went at about 8am.

Again my parents were there, this time waiting. Apparently my dad has a very heavy foot haha. We were
admitted and I was 5cm dilated and I was given a room and hooked up to antibiotics. The pain seemed more bearable in the hospital, or maybe it was the support from Adrien and my parents that helped me get through it. I’m not sure but I turned down all medication. I wanted a natural childbirth. I knew I could do it. I just had to suck it up. And I did.

In between contractions there was no pain. It was really weird to me. the pain was unbearable, but once it stopped, it stopped. I walked in my room, and used a labour ball and leaned on my bed to help me get through it. Adrien would give me a massage on my lower back to help relieve me. My nurses kept telling me how great I was doing. And although I didn’t feel like I was doing a good job, I made fairly quick progress compared to the last day. By about noon/1pm I was at 9cm!

The doctor came in and said lets get ready to have Baby, and everyone got excited. I was starting to feel the
urge to push. The pressure was just too much and I just knew if I pushed the pain would stop. However my water wasn’t broken and I knew what was coming next, one of the many things I was hoping wouldn’t be needed. That big crochet-like needle was being brought out to break my water for me. I watched as they unwrapped it, it scared me, but it distracted me from the doctor who was basically wrist deep in my downstairs moving around. I had a very painful contraction while she was on the inside and it happened all on its own, my water broke! It was nasty. As I was laying on the bed, everything got wet and gross. But at least I didn’t need to be hooked!

While the nurses helped clean me up quickly, the doctor quickly checked another patient and came back to me as we were finishing to get started. She gave me one more check and her face said it all. Something was wrong. After my water broke I went from 9cm dilated to 6 almost 7. Not only was all my progress lost, baby flipped over. If I thought I was in pain before, I was wrong. Things were about to get a lot worse.

Because baby flipped, and I was still trying to have a natural birth, it was up to me to somehow coax him
back into the proper position. I was on all fours and had to rock my hips and hope that gravity would help. Turns out it didn’t. My spine hurt, my hips hurt, I could barely breath through contractions. Again, everyone was telling me how great I was doing, and I just felt like giving up. All that time of me wanting my pregnancy to be over, I had decided I’d rather be pregnant for life than deal with labour.

I was hooked up to a baby monitor so they could make sure my little one wasn’t in distress, but it also meant they could monitor how painful my contractions were. They advised I get some sort of pain medication. I first tried gas. But I couldn’t properly breathe, therefore couldn’t breathe properly in the mask. The one time I did manage to get a good breath, it made me gag. That gas is nasty.

Next we tried a pain medication (How horrible of me to wait this long to write this, I forget the name). It was
basically a drug that made me super tired. But it took the pain away almost instantly. Predicted to last for two hours of relief, within half and hour I was in extreme pain again. That drug option was thrown out the door as it can only be used a certain amount of time before it starts to affect the baby. It was also around this time that they had to give me oxytocin to help get my labour going again as there was little to no progress being made at this point.

The doctors came in (Yes, doctorS) and told me I had to have an epidural. It was the only safe thing to do, it would let me rest, they would monitor me and I still had a very high chance of delivering vaginally. I didn’t want to, but I really couldn’t handle the pain
anymore. I felt like a failure, but everyone assured me that I was a trooper and lasted way longer than anyone else would have in my situation.

Luckily the anesthesiologist was just next door doing another epidural, so it took only about 10 minutes for him to arrive. During that time the nurses prepped everything so all that was needed to be done was insert the needle. No extra waiting. I shook and cried out and squeezed Adrien as I had not one, but two contractions while receiving the epidural. Not fun. I had to stay perfectly still, and I couldn’t. Somehow it was done.

It was weird feeling the medication work. Slowly my body went tingly like when your hand is asleep, then it was numb. I could feel it if you touched me, but only just. I was pain free, and I got an hours worth of sleep. Much needed. It was about 5pm when I woke and found my parents, my husband, a nurse stationed at my bedside and a doctor walking in to check on me every half hour.

About 6:30pm I started to feel pressure. A lot of it. at 7pm I was feeling the contractions again. I had to grab onto the bed to keep me from showing how much pain I actually felt. I didn’t understand why I could feel it again. The epidural was supposed to last much longer. By 7:30 I was crying again and asked to be checked to see if I could push. It was a no. 8cm, no luck.

At 8pm it was decided they would give me ANOTHER epidural to take the pain away as they could tell just how much I felt, and it was too much. However this time the anesthesiologist was headed into a C-section and wouldn’t be available for the next hour. I was told I would have to wait. I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, so I laid in pain. Luckily I was feeling the need to push again. I begged the nurses to get the doctor and let me push. I needed to.

My doctor was busy, so the nurses were given permission to supervise and help me start the pushing process. An hour and twenty minutes I pushed. I can honestly say this was the time that I felt almost no pain. It felt so GOOD to push. I didn’t know how long I was pushing for. in between pushes I rested and was concentrating on the next contraction starting so I could push again. About 5 minutes before Baby was actually born the anesthesiologist came in and they sent him away as baby was almost there. He apologised for taking so long, but I didn’t care, I was making more progress this way than with another epidural!

Baby got stuck, he was still flipped the wrong way, but I pushed. I honestly didn’t think he was going to
come out, but he did. No umbilical cord wrapped dangerously, he gave out one good cry and then was content with being on me. I cried, I was instantly in love. I couldn’t believe the connection I felt. He was perfect. All the pain was worth it. Cliche, I know. But it was. You really do forget it all the moment it is over.

As I said in a previous post, the storm is not something anyone wants to experience, but the rainbow present after the rain is well worth it.

Gregory Thomas Rad***** was born at 9:20pm after 46 hours of labour. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces and about 21 inches long.

If you’re still reading, that was a doozy, I know. In another post I’ll tell you a fun story that really put in perspective how dangerous my labour was. Doctors sure don’t let you know anything bad until the last possible minute.