A Look Back at the Second Trimester

Lifestyle / Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

My first trimester was not so fun, and being my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect in my second. Depending on when you count it, the second starts at around 13/14 weeks, and ends at 27/28 weeks. All I can say is ‘Whew, we’re on the home stretch!’ I can’t wait to meet Bean. But you better stay in there and keep cooking until at least week 37! Or we’ll be having a good chat when you’re out. đŸ˜‰

My morning sickness stopped just as I turned into the second trimester, which was great, but so did EVERYTHING else that was pregnancy related. I wasn’t even sure if I was still pregnant. Oh how I wished to have a good beverage. (Still do.) The MR is on me though about eating the right foods and drink the right drinks to grow our little man good and strong though. Which I am not really complaining about, even if it sounds that way.

There were many times when I told Adrien that I thought something was wrong. I couldn’t possibly still be

pregnant. There were no symptoms. Our first baby kick was felt by both of us though, late at night laying in bed. Now I get a reminder all day that there is indeed a little being inside my body that is growing. It was very reassuring. At week 25/26 Bean’s movements slowed right down and I wondered if he was okay. I thought maybe I had taken on too much with the part time job. Turns out he was just in a little growth spurt and used all his energy to get bigger. By week 27 he was back with full force. You can see my stomach move in waves. It’s very entertaining. I could just sit and watch my belly for hours. Poking and prodding him while he kicks back. I’m careful not to poke too hard, and when he is tired, he’ll slink away towards my back for a few hours.

So I wasn’t sure I was still pregnant. I didn’t have a baby bump, and it didn’t decide to show up until about week 20. I was all set to get good and ‘fat’ and I spent weeks examining myself in the mirror and saw me getting slightly more plump, but no bump. I noticed a bump around week 20, everyone else around week 21/22. But when I popped, I POPPED. It was three days of pain while my skin pulled and stretched, thankfully no stretch marks. And there He was, on display for the whole world to see.

I took my Gestational Diabetes test. I wasn’t looking forward to it after the horror stories from everyone. My doctor gave me the option of the 1-hr, 2-hr or 4-hr test. Yeah, she actually gave me the choice! Sure, let me volunteer to sit in a room doing nothing for 4 hours, while I haven’t eaten anything all night because I needed to fast so I’m starving, and now have a sugar crash because of all that drink. The drink itself wasn’t too horrible. It wasn’t a whole litre of liquid, and it did taste horrible and I plugged my nose, but it wasn’t as bad as it was portrayed. The vampires ended up taking my blood 3 times as I only opted to stay for the two hour test. Passed it with flying colours. Yahoo! No special diets for me, which is great as Christmas goodies are headed my way.

My second trimester was full of life throwing lemons at me. I did my best to make some lemonade, and came out selling it on the street. My cat got very sick, we decided to push the wedding forward to this year instead of early next so we wouldn’t have a newborn on our hands and planning a wedding, and a tooth ache. Charlie was very sick and after taking her to the vet we were told if she didn’t get better and fast, she’d have to be put down to end her suffering. How horrible is that, my baby before my first baby. Good news, after some very tough love and a slightly angry cat for a few weeks, she’s back to her normal self, getting better everyday.

Did you know how hard planning a wedding is on such short notice? I’m exhausted! But we did it… I did it.

December 15 will be the best day of my life, so far, and I only had about 50 days to plan it. It won’t be some elaborate wedding with over a hundred people, but Adrien and I aren’t that kind of couple anyways. I’m sure it’ll be wonderful no matter what happens, because I get to marry him.

Taking care of your teeth is a no brainer, but when your pregnant your gums hurt, your teeth hurt, and did you know that your fillings have a tendency to want to come out? I spent several nights awake, crying, because of the pain. After visiting my dentist he said it’d be best to wait until baby is born to do anything about it… GREAT! So although it isn’t fixed, I took antibiotics and the pain is gone. For now. These life trivials may not sound like much, but these were only three of the many I had to face. Like I said, I came out kicking and screaming and all of my problems are either fixed, scheduled to be fixed, or turned into some kind of great enjoyment. Only after a lot of pain and suffering, but it wouldn’t be right if life didn’t throw you a curve ball. Just to see if you’re still awake.

One thing I learned during this trimester is that my body certainly is not my own. Growing up you are your

parents property. Then, for a very short period of time (If you are lucky) you are a young, single, adult and you can do whatever you please. Then you get in a relationship and your body is now half owned and operated by your significant other (As I EXPECT their body is now half owned by you as well. Two way street here!) Then you get pregnant and your body is definately not your own anymore. All the things it decides to do, it is a wonder I am walking and talking, when if a man ever had to experience this for even a day, he’d think something was terribly wrong with himself.

We’ll start with the easy peasy, gas. This whole section mught get a little TMI, just a warning. I never thought I was one to pass gas very often. I’m sure in the dead of sleep I would have let out some good ones pre-pregnancy. But during pregnancy… where does it all come from? I’m not eating foods that’ll cause me gas. It’s not feminine, and Adrien luckily says it’s only natural and doesn’t make me feel any less of a woman for all the extra flatulance going around the house.

Next? Bladder issues. I am a pro when it comes to using the restroom. In and out with the shortest possible time. Who wants to take their time when they make 20 trips a day? Most the time it isn’t even a lot of liquid exiting my body, most the time it’s someone giving me one good punch, or deciding to use my bladder as a pillow. I can’t control how many times a day I go to the bathroom, but I wish I could. It’s getting annoying, and I know it’s only about to get worse.

How about that exhaustion. Something that was supposed to go away during this trimester certainly didn’t for

me. Granted, it could have been affected by everything else going on in my life at the time. But I certainly didn’t skip any naps, or turn down going to bed early. Heck, I even fell asleep on Adrien a few times as we were watching TV. I can’t control when it’ll happen, but when a girl’s got to sleep, a girl’s GOT to sleep. Much like food at the moment. When a girl’s got to eat, a girl’s GOT to eat!

Them tummy rumbles that aren’t rumbles. The best way to describe early movement in the womb is popcorn popping. When Bean started to move a bit more, I thought it might have been gas, or my stomach telling me it’s hungry. Nope. You don’t know when it’s going to happen, where it’s going to happen (aside from in the stomach area) or how powerful. How do I describe movement in the womb now? Like an Alien trying to escape my body. As cool as that sounds, and as cool as it feels, it’s only another reminder that my body is being shared by another. Sometimes it hurts, as he gets up in your ribs or decides he really is going to try and escape. Most the time it is quite enjoyable and fun to watch. Like I said before, I could sit and watch my tummy all day. This might be the only thing I will miss about pregnancy.

A quick side note, animals also know you’re pregnant. I knew that, but didn’t really know the extent of their love for someone who is growing a something on the inside. My cat loves to cuddle me. Even my moms chihuahua’s love giving me cuddles and ask ‘permission’ before getting too close to the bump. It’s adorable. Only now my cat is so used to it, she no longer gets permission, she is Rafiki, and Bean is her Simba. She apparently decided she can do whatever she wants to the bump now. Snuggles it, lays on it, sits on it. She’ll make a great baby sitter, I’m sure. As long as she doesn’t actually decide it’s okay to truly sit on the baby.

I’ve hit the point in my pregnancy where if Bean decides to grace us with his presence in the world, he will have a chance of survival with the help of doctors and modern medicine. Which is such a relief. However it isn’t something that I’d care to experience. I’d rather he stays in and cooks until he doesn’t need any of that help. But it is a relief to think about. When I think back to my first trimester, I am again saddened by the fact that I had wished him out of me so many times. But I do remember that it was a horrible 3 months of my life. And I don’t know if I will ever want to be pregnant again. Every pregnancy is different, but first triemsters are very hard. I’m hoping the third will be smooth sailing, but we all know there’s a storm brewing at the end of that tunnel. Thankfully there will be a rainbow waiting for me directly after it. And he will be mine.

My own personal human being.

Now doesn’t that sounds like a crazy thing. Then all I have to do is help nurture him and hopefully he’ll grow into a half decent one. BRING ON THE THIRD TRIMESTER!