2 Fun and Memorable Ways to Make your Car Wash Fundraiser a Success

Cheerleading / Saturday, April 30th, 2016

2 ways to make your car wash fundraiser a success


Get you’re car washed while you shop– That’s what I’d yell from the sidewalk when we held a car wash in the Canadian Tire parking lot. Good ol’ Canadian Tire, always called our squad up first when another sports team cancelled their fundraiser, super convenient to buy more soap, a new hose nozzle or even a hose splitter attachment. Can’t say there was ever a better place we held car washes.

Every weekend we were able to, we held car wash fundraisers to raise money to travel to away games and cheer camp.  Seeing as we lived on an island and 6 of the 8 (in total over the years I cheered) BCFC football teams did not, we did a lot of travelling. Not to mention cheer camp was in Washington State. A ferry ride, bus rental, Canada-USA boarder crossing, and half day trip each way.

With our need for making money so high, the Rebels cheerleaders became very adept at car wash fundraisers. Only once did we lock the hose in a car just as everyone arrived which resulted in us having to delay the start of the fundraiser until a spare key was brought from home. Only once, I swear.

Every other event we showed up, set up and earned that cash. And by donation to boot!

That’s right, right after I yelled ‘Get you’re car washed while you shop’, I’d yell ‘BY DONATION!!!!’. No one can pass up the opportunity to pay only $5 in loose change to have their car washed while they get their shopping done.

It’s cheaper than the gas station car wash and easier than doing it themselves. Plus, the driver feels really good about donating to a local sports team… local philanthropist walking. Watch out.


Fun Car Wash Fundraiser

It doesn’t take much for the car washes to seem to blend into one another when you have them week after week. Sometimes if we were lucky we got to fundraise two days in a row, although not always the same location or fundraiser. To keep everyone interested, motivated and high spirited we had to mix things up a little and make it fun. Fun can come in all sorts of ways.

Take, for instance, my son. He loves bubbles. We could blow bubbles all day. Such a simple thing that brings joy, its all about perspective. I find it boring to dip a stick and blow for more than 30 seconds at a time. Short attention span. But Gregory laughs as he chases the bubbles, blows on them to make them move faster, go higher, he pops them… He makes it a game.

And that is exactly what you need to do with the your squad. No, not blow bubbles… although that would be a fun activity. Even a bubble blower at the car wash, soap party…wait, focus. Re:Short attention span. You need to make things fun for your cheerleaders at the car wash, a game. And not so much a chore or work.

car wash fundraiser

Memorable Car Wash Fundraiser

One of the best things about being a cheerleader is the memories you make. I find I get lost thinking about my cheerleading past a lot. It’s one reason why I decided to start writing posts about cheerleading. So I can fulfill my passion for the sport by helping others. The memories from cheerleading seem like a dream, a wonderful, surreal dream that I couldn’t have possibly experienced.

That is what every ex-cheerleader should feel like. Whether they stopped cheering on a good note or bad, they should be able to look back when they have healed and say ‘Man, what a time of my life’ with a smile. I want to tell you the car wash fundraiser that brings the biggest smile to my face, and that will lead me into my first tip for you.

We had been washing cars for a couple of hours, it was still before noon and the sun was shining bright that car wash day. Us Rebels cheerleaders could be heard from half a kilometer away, we were getting decent business and bringing in equally decent donations.

One of the cheerleaders made a phone call in to the radio station earlier that morning and they had been replaying her message for us, free of charge. I believe it was also that same cheerleader who made a phone call and half an hour later we see a big black semi-truck pulled in. No trailer was attached, but still. It was an unexpected surprise, a first.

car wash fundraiser ideas to make it a memorable success

Tip #1

As a result of having this extra tall truck ready for a wash, we called our strongest, most sturdy stunt group over and put up a Prep. Now, we called it a double base, but I’m trying to switch my vocabulary as I’m sure I’ll be getting many wicked awesome American cheerleaders gunning for some tips.

So, we’re stunting in the parking lot, washing a semi.

Do you realize how many photos were taken?

Do you realize how many more stunts we put up after that?

Tip #1 is Stunt to get to the hard to reach places on vehicles. As cheerleaders who take pride in their sport, an extra chance to practice is a wonderful thought. Plus, you’re cheerleaders. When people come to a cheerleader car wash, why not give them something fun to watch. This is a much better attention grabber than bikini’s and wet t-shirt contests. Trust me.

After that first car wash we were always throwing up stunts or boosting squad mates up to hard to reach area. BAHAHAHA! I quickly searched through an old cheer album and found a fun photo set. I remember Coach taking these photos at the car wash.

The girl I was helping had no idea what I was doing, which makes this moment more precious for me. I was such a jokester. Sometimes it doesn’t take many members of the squad to make the memory, it just takes two and a second. The little moments are the best moments. Remember that and you’ll look back at your cheer years and have no regrets, just love.

car wash fundraiser ideas to make it a memorable success

Tip #2

My second tip is make the car wash a challenge. Split your team into two (or more) groups and make them compete with each other in a car wash challenge.

Send one group to the street with signs, music, cheers, dances and loud voices to yell car wash to passersby. The other group washes cars and see how much donations they can manage to get during that time. After, say, an hour, switch group tasks and make it a group goal to surpass the other groups achievements.

This is an easy way to make a little competition to motivate your cheerleaders to strategize and work together. If you’re thinking of trying this tip out, I suggest putting your stunt groups as your ‘groups’ so that they can stunt without needing to scramble to find bases and flyers all across the car wash site.

Practice hard, yell loud, make money, having fun. These are my two tips for making your car wash fun and memorable. A little friendly competition did nothing but motivate my squad. And having fun, building trust and some stunting skills is a bonus, in my opinion.

Whether you have your full 4/5 man stunt team putting up an extension to get the top of the semi, or one person giving another a boost to the roof of an SUV, these are memory making moments. And perfect photo-ops.



So safety, obviously, is going to be a major factor. Water, vehicles, soap, bathing suits, slippery feet and I’m telling you to stunt. Yeah, I know that clearly bodes well for an accident. So everyone needs to be aware of safety and be careful out there. Have plenty of EXTRA dry towels.

No, don’t have the towels extra dry, have extra towels that are dry.

Have spotters around. At least one, preferably at least two to a stunt group. Stunting in general has its dangers. So stunting around water, without shoes, on pavement in a parking lot has an obviously added risk.

Don’t have stunts go up that aren’t solid. Never have new flyers go up for the first time, and never put someone up who doesn’t feel safe or ready to fly in the sky above soapy, wet cement. You want all members of your stunt team confident.

The safety factor is a serious thing, with everything you do there are safety precautions to take. Take a chance and have some fun. But be safe and aware of dangers and the consequences so everyone can make good decisions.

create fantastic car wash fundraising memroies with these 2 ideas for the cheerleader in your life

Check it Out

So there you have it, 2 fun and memorable ways to ensure your car wash is a success and your cheerleaders happy. Technically I could have titled this “3 ways…” But I’ll just say I threw you a freebie with the calling a semi-truck suggestion. We must have made $100 washing that semi,way more than our usual $5-$20 bill we got handed. If it wasn’t for the donation, it was great publicity.

We had other drivers want to pull over and watch, take photos, learn who we were and get their car washed. Sometimes we’d get an extra donation without having to wash an extra car. People like seeing a show, so make it one for the memory books. Let me know what you think of my 2 tips and let me know how they work for you.

As one last tidbit of info I want to throw in your face before you go. If you’re car wash is stagnant, meaning no cars are stopping, THIS is the time to put on a pair of shoes and stunt. Show off, bring some tumbling mats or find a grassy area and put on a show. Practice for you, fun, unstructured stunting with the purpose of being fun and attention grabbing.

This isn’t time to work on skills not yet mastered. Again, the goal is to grab attention and make some money at your car wash fundraiser. My personal goal is to make life fun. So here you go, some tips to do both, I hope they help, be safe, have fun, make money.

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