Montessori Bed Update

Uncategorized / Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

So if you remember this post here I told you we had recently discovered the rad Italian parenting style – Montessori. There has not been a crib in our home for some time now, in its place is a floor bed. Everyone loves it. Gregory sleeps with no more protest than normal, and this time when he wakes he doesn’t cry. Instead he takes in his surroundings and decides what he wants to do next himself, and does it. Of course, there are still times when I take him into my arms when he wakes in the middle of his sleep and I will cuddle in our bed. But so far, the floor bed has been a success!

Here is his bed all made up. Having a floor bed makes his sleep area more accessible for playtime. This normalization of this area has made it less intimidating for naps. Nap times aren’t a time where we put Gregory down and walk away. This is a quiet time where either mommy or daddy lays down with Gregory and sings, reads, talks or just rubs his back reassuringly. As long as Gregory is actually tired and ready for a nap (meaning we’ve read his cues properly to help determine this along with a routine) he will fall asleep, no problem, in about 20 minutes.

Montessori rules state quiet toys are encouraged, and everything be at child level. We room share, so there was an initial challenge of having a bedroom functional for adults and functional for a Montessori child. I decided it best to de-clutter we’re moving anyways and have nothing but our beds, a dresser and this little area of toys for Gregory on a lamp/shelf thingy. There is one more level in the shelf re: please stay tuned for condo tour- master bedroom which has space just out of Gregory’s reach for our nick knacks.

I’ve added a dream catcher to the top of Gregory’s tipi to catch any bad dreams. I’ve had this for years, and I hope Gregory isn’t a sufferer from night terrors like I was as a child. They are the worst. I think it is nearly time to make a new one.

This blue blanket is actually MY baby blanket! The top side shown here is boy theme, the back is a straight pink fabric. My GG (Great Grandma Evelyn) made this for my mom when no one knew what gender I was. It was draped over my crib with the pink side showing when I was a baby, and now my son can enjoy the blue side.