My Montessori Floor Bed Discovery

Lifestyle / Saturday, March 21st, 2015
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One of the first things that I managed to get a hold of when I was pregnant was a crib. It was paid forward to me in fairly good condition. I did a little DIY to spruce it up and I was set. Little did I realize that we’d be using a bassinet/ bed share for the first few months Gregory was alive. When he outgrew the bassinet we took the crib mattress, tossed it on the floor beside the bed and surrounded it with pillows on all sides.
In all honesty… I was really embarrassed to have anyone find out this is what I did. This wasn’t proper and being the anxious person that I am, I worried that if someone found out, they’d report me! I knew Gregory was safe. The main reason why he was on the floor instead of in the crib was because I laid with him most nights nursing. The floor mattress was easy and comfortable and it worked.
Gregory is just over a year and completely mobile. The crib is set up and since we started using it I’ve had issues. I don’t like to let him cry it out when he doesn’t want to sleep right away. I don’t like to hear him scream when his chubby leg gets stuck between the bars and he can’t get it out. And I especially don’t like the fact that he can bang his head against the bars to get attention or experience this new ‘sensation’. That is not a sensation to indulge in while in the bedroom, son.
I came across ‘The Little Things We Do’ blog by Lauren Hartmann at random and am so happy I did. All my fears of being a ‘bad’ mom for letting my son sleep on the floor have disappeared. I’ve learned that many parents let their children sleep on a mattress on the floor and this is part of the Montessori lifestyle created to better help understand and teach children about natural sleep patterns and independent sleep.
HERE is a link to another blog that has more information on Montessori floor beds. This is one discovery I am very glad to have made and will keep you posted on how it works out for our rad family. Because it’s just like Laruen Hartmann said in her post
‘That’s what parenting is all about – finding out what works for your family and your child and doing that.’


Fingers crossed it works out well…
But who knows,
maybe this kid truly is a
head banger