Mothers Day Craft for Toddlers

Lifestyle / Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Make this mothers day gift with your toddler. It's the perfect toddler craft and gift to remember how little they were on this mothers day.

Nothing for Mothers Day

Last year I didn’t get anything for Mothers day. Granted, Gregory was 1 and his gift was me being able to wake up to him every morning. But still, nothing to commemorate or remember Mothers day 2015 by.

In fact, I don’t remember my first Mothers day either. Like, they weren’t celebrated or something… well, I know we did something because I made this for my mom on my first mothers day.

While I don’t think gifts are what make a holiday a holiday, something sentimental that I can keep is a perfect keepsake gift that I wouldn’t mind for this special day to recognize all those who are momma’s.

Sentimental Gifts

While some people say diamonds are a girls best friend, I say take me around the world. But I don’t think my toddler can afford and fully organize an international trip for us to create memories on.

The next best present to travelling is something created with love that has a story to remember for decades to come. Those that capture a moment in time, something you can never get back or experience again.

For Mothers day 2016 I decided to make my own sentimental gift with Gregory. It was fun… until the very end. But that adds a bit of character to my story and my present.

Mothers Day Craft for Toddlers

I saw a photo of a piece of artwork done by the most talented, and very beautiful McKinley Mae. My girlfriend posted a photo of a canvas with paint on it that her daughter painted with her feet while strapped in a jolly jumper.

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I love this idea, but my little guy is too big for a jolly jumper. Plus, he is well into painting with paintbrushes now. So that’s what my inspiration for my Mothers day gift.


I didn’t want to copy the painting idea exactly. I always like to try and put my own RAD twist on things. So instead of the painters tape line idea pictured above, I carefully selected the best word I could think of to have as my unpainted part of the painting.

I didn’t have painters tape anyways, which is what I assume is what she did this craft with. I could have asked… but I remembered that I have some letter stickers that are always easy to peel off after sticking to paper.

I didn’t have a great selection of letters left, but I managed to find M-O-M, so I carefully selected that word off the paper so I wouldn’t tear it, and stuck it onto my canvas.

An Artist At Work

Now that the day is done and I am writing this, I wish I had taken some photos of Gregory painting. He was very cute and that would have been nice to add in the back of the canvas as well.

Instead, I interacted with the Bean while he painted. Talking about the colours he was choosing and where he was going to paint next.

The best part of this craft is that it is completely led by the child. A la Montessori.

I mean, I didn’t touch the paint brush unless it was to assist in picking up more paint to use from the paint pallet. Even then I was instructed on which colour to use.

Gregory knew what he wanted to do. If I suggest to paint in a blank area of the canvas he said no and painted the same general area he’d been working on.

The canvas was his masterpiece and I was merely the encourager and narrator of his activity.

Make this mothers day gift with your toddler. It's the perfect toddler craft and gift to remember how little they were on this mothers day.


Something about knowing those little hands that beg to be held was we lay in bed singing to sleep won’t be asking to be held forever…

Knowing that a little hand won’t be clasped firmly in mine as we cross the street, instead that hand will be grown and crossing his own streets…

I think that handprints and footprints are excellent time capsule memories. You’ll never be able to see that extremity at that size again. Your little person isn’t that little anymore. It’s sad, but also a happy thought that they’re growing healthy and strong.

So, for my Mothers day artwork, I decided I was going to incorporate Gregory’s handprints.

Make this mothers day gift with your toddler. It's the perfect toddler craft and gift to remember how little they were on this mothers day.


I’m not the best at poetry, I never was. I nearly failed that unit in grade 6 middle school. And that was just the beginning.

I am, however, married to a man who is great at putting together words that make you stop, listen (read) and think. So I have quickly learned to appreciate poetry and have since sought it out more since meeting him.

Where else does a girl go who can’t write the best poetry but wants a nice poem quickly? Pinterest. Oh, and I say quickly because it was a random rainy morning when I decided that we were going to tackle this project.

I scrolled through pinterest until I found a poem I liked. Check out the words to the one I picked.


You always clean the handprints

I leave upon the wall

I seem to make a mess of things

because I am very small

The years will pass by quickly

I’ll soon be grown like you

and all the little handprints

will surely fade from view

so here are special handprints

a memory that is true

so you’ll recall the very day

I made this just for you.

It’s nothing special, but it is special. And I like it.

Make this mothers day gift with your toddler. It's the perfect toddler craft and gift to remember how little they were on this mothers day.

Final Product

With the canvas painted, MOM letters protected with stickers, poem picked out and hands ready to be printed, we were ready to rock and roll.

I chose bright spring shades of purple, yellow, blue and pink for the canvas paint. The handprints are in 3 colours, yellow, blue and black.

The stickers after being taken off weren’t painted over enough. I couldn’t coax Gregory to paint again so I coloured in with the same sharpie I wrote the poem with.

You know, there is still something about being given something on the special day. So I handed these 3 canvas’ to Mr. Radhuber and instructed him to either wrap it or put it in a bag by Mothers day so I can unwrap it after he and Gregory give it to me.

I wonder if he’ll follow through. I mean, I did all the hard work. haha.

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