I Mustache You to Stay Calm

Lifestyle / Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
We’re having a BOY!
It has taken me everything not to ‘spill the beans’ so to speak. But my little Bean has a peen, just as Adrien had been sure he’d seen on the ultrasound. And just as I had predicted almost from day one. I want a girl, but knew it was a boy. I am so excited to bring a little gentleman into this world.
We went for dinner at my parents, our day-late thanksgiving dinner, and when everyone showed up we revealed baby Beans gender. My mom has been trying to get it out of me for DAYS. Asking me all sorts of things that might get me to slip up and share something that would give it away. I had dressed in all black aside from a brown cardigan, I tried to stay neutral in colour. I then grabbed a tie of Adriens and tied it around my ‘waist’ and when everyone was ready I simply undid my cardigan and there was a blue tie tied. Yes, I know how to properly tie a tie. 

My mom was so excited, the men were speechless. This is the first grandson and great grandson so it seems like kind of a big deal… which is suiting, because to me, being pregnant is kind of a big deal. I may not have been the first of my siblings to have a child, but I am for sure the first for a boy! YEA-YUH!

Dinner was great, my mom and I enjoyed talking about baby and she was waiting for Bean to start moving so she could feel him kick. Unfortunately Bean only seems to like giving ‘real’ kicks when I’m trying to sleep. Figures. But she did feel him toss around a few times, which seemed to hold her over. I need to have another sleepover so she can get a good feel. 

One of my moms ways to wiggle the gender out of me, to which I almost caved, was asking if it was a Mr. Bean. Adrien just stared at her, and my mom, thankfully, didn’t pick up on his shock. I thought it was genius. We’ve been calling Bean Bean since day one. And never did I once think of Mr. Bean. My silent baby that makes me laugh, and have to pee my pants from kicking my bladder. Just the like TV specials… and movie. She got a good laugh with me after when we were talking about it. 

Now I can start planning the nursery, sharing the kind of things I might need, and colour appropriate attire that may want to be bought. This is so exciting!