Naming Gregory

Lifestyle / Monday, April 21st, 2014

From day one of being pregnant, my sister dubbed the clump of cells growing into a Human in my body ‘Bean’. It stuck. Thoughout my entire pregnancy we referred to  my unborn child as Bean, and to this day his nickname is Bean. But I knew we couldn’t actually call him Bean, he did need a real name.

I knew what I would call a girl. (Can’t share in case we do indeed have another and it turns out to be a little girl) but a boy? No idea. I honestly never gave it too much thought as I had always wanted a girl. I started scouring those baby name websites and threw out options to Adrien. Most were turned down, to which I quickly agreed. I couldn’t picture my baby being called something I wasn’t 100% sure on. I mean, we were going to be stuck with this name… For the rest of our lives. Not to mention he would be stuck with it much longer.

I knew I wanted his middle name as Thomas, after my Grandpa. If we did two middle names, which I was considering, it would have been Thomas James. We couldn’t agree on a first name however, and as the days went on we started to disagree on the middle name too. It was not going well.

While I do enjoy the ‘new’ names out there that are modern or spelled in a cool unique way, I wanted a
classic name. Timeless, and currently not in the ‘top 100’ lists. We were given the thought of Adriens fathers name, Gregory. It was nice and fit the bill, but we were both a little he
sitant still. Garnet was an old family name on my side, and Garret was nice.

Many times we would decide on a name and called my belly said name for a day or two, only to realize it was completely not fitting. Up until the last week we were still undecided. Resolved to wait until we saw his face for the first time, we kind of have up.

Gregory Thomas was decided because it has a great family tie to both sides. It is a strong sounding name and it isn’t one you hear very often. Now whenever I tell someone his name people are always telling me how wonderful it is. A good classic name that isn’t heard very much  anymore.

His name is Gregory, though. Never Greg. It drives me bananas when people abbreviate a name without permission. If I wanted him called Greg, I would have named him Greg. I called him Greg once at home just to try it out and I resolved to always cling him Gregory. I like it much better.