New Parent Realizations

Lifestyle / Monday, March 24th, 2014

Even before you have a baby of your own, the average person is still enamored with the mini humans. But as soon as they poop, pee on you, spit up and do all sorts of crazy things the cuteness factor wears off and you are more than ready to pass the babe back to mom.

I knew I was going to be changing poopy diapers and dealing with all that nasty before I gave birth. However I didn’t put much thought to it as I was more concerned with figuring put how to keep my mini human alive. Once Bean was born and I was faced with changing a poopy diaper it surprised me how unfazed I was about it.

It didn’t bother me if when I wiped and the cloth slipped and I got it all over my hand. I didn’t even bat an eye the first time he peed on me. The spit up? I’m just glad he isn’t choking on it and don’t care if its all over my hand, arm, clothes or what have you.

I remember thinking how nasty it was and wondered how parents could do it. I realize now that when it is your baby you don’t care. Although if I was faced with another baby’s poopy diaper I still might cringe at the idea of changing it.