Nursery Reveal

Lifestyle / Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The long awaited nursery reveal.


Quick colour breakdown
Furniture- White
Chair- Green
Colour accents- Orange, Green and Blue
The white strip on the wall is a light. There is one picture on the wall not hung up, which will be a coloured picture of Bean when he is born. I thought it would be nice against all his ultrasound pictures. We have 4 curtain panels hung, so when the sun hits the ultrasound pictures I can move just a single panel to shade them so they don’t fade.
The paintings of the monsters were done by my wonderful mother. Beans soothers are in the glass vase on the top shelf, along with an ipod alarm clock dock and a lamp. Under the table is a baby seat stored until needed.
The orange garbage bin and Hamper beside are for garbage (obviously) and our Cloth diaper pail bag. The green bins on the top shelf are filled with cloth diapers and liners. Under are receiving blankets, baby needs (lotions, creams etc), hats and socks. The white boxes will be re-organized again no doubt, but currently hold diaper covers and baby bibs. Behind all the green boxes there is over flowing diapers, liners, breast pump/feeding necessities and more receiving blankets. All ready to use and easy access.
I hope to have a shadow box hung above the change table. Inside will be Beans first blanket, outfit, his hospital wrist bands (and ours) and his birth stats. That is the hope, but plans might change. For now it stays an empty wall.