Oh Chistmas Tree

Lifestyle / Thursday, November 28th, 2013
17 days until the wedding. I am getting extremely excited, and only slightly nervous that things wont be finished and ready in time. Oh well, it’s about the marriage, not the wedding, right? 
This week I’ve started to decorate the house. It only feels as ‘Christmassy’ as you make it feel. I remember when I first moved out of my parents house. It was right before Christmas, and I had absolutely no decorations. I did not have the same Xmas spirit that I was used to experiencing. Last year Adrien only had a small Christmas tree in the house, which was nice, but not nearly what I am used to. It usually looks like Santa’s workshop threw up in my parents house. My mom loves this holiday.
So in hopes to start feeling some more Christmas spirit and get my mind off of the wedding planning and baby planning, we decorated the tree and I started on the rest of the house. It truly is starting to feel like Christmas now. I love what I’ve managed to do so far, it isn’t much, but it’s a good start. And Adrien is loving that his new housewife is keeping up on her duties and making the house all festive for the holiday.
Since we live in a Condo, we can’t have a real tree. Which I am very upset about. Something about going out and picking a tree, taking it home, getting frustrated you can’t get the trunk sawed flat and struggling to put it up… makes me think of Christmas. Instead of a real tree, which one year I am sure we will have one, we managed to get our hands on a fake tree. 7.5 feet. Now over 8 as Adrien attached his mini tree from last year to the top of the tree this year. It is inches from our ceiling. 
The thing I was missing most was the smell of the Christmas tree. So when my mom and I were recently at Micheals Craft store, we came across these scentcicles. She bought a pack for us to help feel more like Christmas. Now my tree and entire living area smells like Pine. It smells so good. I woke up today and ran to the spare bathroom as Adrien was showering for work in ours and as I ran past the tree I slowed right down and took a deep breath. Totally worth the money. There were other scents. Candy cane/peppermint/fir. My favourite is pine.

 We also had to buy a bunch of ornaments, seeing as we didn’t have any. There are always so many to choose from. I decided on a colourful scheme. Blues, greens, reds, oranges, pinks, purples, silvers, everything.

Pictured here is my carousel horses. I have a huge collection of carousels in storage right now from when I was growing up, but these ones come out every December. There are about 6 like this one picture along the bottom of our tree. When plugged in and turned on they light up, move and play some light holiday music. We don’t have lights at the bottom of our tree, and we thought this is a great alternative. 
With the tree all set up, it feels so much like Christmas in our little home, and I forget the fact that we have a fake tree. Instead I have a wonderful first Christmas tree with my soon to be husband. It is very exciting. We have to go pick out a fancy ornament (or make one!) and label it with the year and our first Christmas. It isn’t, we were together last year as well, but this is our first together, married, living together, and with our own tree.
Hopefully this inspired you to set up your tree if you haven’t already! Happy holidays!