One Month Old

Lifestyle / Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Gregory is now one month (and one day) old. I cant believe how fast time is going by. My little man has grown so much, its bittersweet. Everyday brings on new challenges for us, but we seem to make it through victoriously.

Weight- 10lbs 6oz
Eyes- Blue/Grey
Eats- every 1-2 hours
Sleeps- 1-2 hours. Better if he is on me or cuddled with me
Likes- sitting (supported by someone of course), tummy time, sleeping with his arms above his head, cuddles with mom
Dislikes- the bassinet, being put down, the car seat

When Gregory was 9 days old we had his baby photoshoot. The photos turned out amazing! Here are a few.




I cant post many more until we finish sending them out to family. Don’t know who all reads this, but I do not want to spoil the surprises.


1 week old

We are so in love with our little Bean, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. However, we have had our struggles. Parenting came pretty naturally for me. I took care of my niece when she was a newborn. I was only about 14/15 though, so I had to pick up a few skills again. Plus I had to learn how to breast feed, because I obviously never did that before.


2 weeks old

Honestly I knew breast feeding was going to be hard. And no one really tells you that it is a learning process for both you AND baby. It is painful, hard, and most the time it left me in tears. I no longer cry every time we feed, but it is indeed painful and not my favourite time of the day. It gets easier as days pass, then for some reason it’ll suddenly feel like we are back tracking. I am sure it will be easy peasy one day… right? I hope so.

I like to take photos of Gregory every day. Mostly of his face as it changes so fast. I do post them on my facebook so our families can see him grow as so many people are very excited he is here and have yet to meet Gregory because we all live so far away. We have family across Canada, in Montana, Washington State, Florida and even Japan. It’s a great way to stay in touch with everyone, sometimes I feel bad for fogging up everyone’s news feed with baby photos. At least he’s a cute baby, right?



visit to Grandma and Papa’s house

We barely leave the house, Gregory and me. We like to sit at home and cuddle. Our big outings generally consist of the doctors office. On days like those we will make a trip to get groceries before heading home, or one time I went into work so everyone could meet him. Everyone enjoyed that, but after I was exhausted. Gregory does like walks, however. It’s just getting him into the car seat that he hates is the struggle.

The Cat does not like Gregory at all. She avoids him like the plague. So we haven’t had any issues with scratching or laying on top or suffocating him. She used to be a momma’s girl, now she’s all about daddy. It’s very cute how she sunggles up on Adrien, tucks her head under his chin.


My Bruce Willis Look

We’ve visited all the family close to home, and had one of my friends over. The whole lack of sleep has made me a zombie. Gregory is just starting to get into a good sleeping schedule that I can keep up with. And I am hoping that he’ll keep it up for a little while. His newborn growth spurt lasted this whole month, which was not fun. He fed every hour, sometimes only half an hour in between. It was not fun. We went to my moms house overnight so Adrien could get some sleep and my mom was more than willing to stay up and help out so I could get some sleep. It was really nice, however as soon as he started to cry, I couldn’t handle it and ended up taking him back from her. It was a sweet thought, mom, but it pains me to hear Gregory cry and not be the one to soothe him.


23 days old

It’s been quite the roller coaster of a month. My hormones and emotions are still in overdrive, my husband and I are trying to figure out how it is we can cope with a baby and still have a relationship that isn’t just put on the back burner, and my house is a complete disaster that it is embarrassing for me to even look at. But this will be the time I miss most with my newborn, so I can put up with a messy house for a few more weeks (or months) until Gregory can learn to stay entertained with toys and I can finally be a good housewife again. Haha

I wouldn’t change a second of my life, even if sometimes I think I do. It’s just a minor slump, and I feel so much better as soon as I hear Gregory coo, hold onto my finger or pop my boob out of his mouth and uses it as a pillow and snuggles me. And even though people say when babies smile at this stage of life it is only gas, his smiles still me make so happy, no matter the cause.