Painting the Crib

Lifestyle / Monday, January 27th, 2014

If you are anything like me, you try to be as thrifty as possible. I like nice things, but also know that money doesn’t grow on trees. So when it comes to buying things, if it makes more sense to buy second hand and put my own special touch on it, that is what I’ll do.

When it came to Baby Bean’s nursery, we fortunately got an almost brand new crib for FREE! Only used for one other child, it is a beautiful sleigh crib. The only problem? It came in a cherry wood colour. Which I wasn’t a fan of. The solution? Paint it. Here are the steps we took to paint our crib.
Materials Needed:
Fine Grit Steel Wool/ Fine Sand Paper
Paint brush
Paint roller
Drop sheets
This was our crib, un-assembled, before we started.
First step was to sand it down. Not a whole lot. Just enough to create grooves in the finish for the new paint to adhere to. We used very fine steel wool, but I know it can be done with the finest sand paper. Get in all the nooks and crannies. I advise laying down a drop sheet under the parts while sanding for this. It gets messy. Or go outside. Also, have something to cover your nose/mouth so you aren’t inhaling all the dust.
Once sanded down, start painting that sucker! We did 3 coats to make sure the whole thing was covered and no cherry wood would be seen.
Understand this, cherry wood to white is tough work. I knew at least 2 coats would be needed, the third was a pain. Here is what 3 versus original looks like.
Let dry, and assemble together in your nursery. Admire and appreciate your hard work. And then bring home a baby to sleep in it.
I’d advise you to look at your paint can and just double check there is no lead in it. Nowadays there isn’t lead in many paints, but its always better safe than sorry. I don’t want my child teething on a lead-based painted crib.