Painting the Nursery

Lifestyle / Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

You’ve no idea how long it felt like I waited to paint my baby’s nursery. We had to wait until the spare bed was moved out of the room, which was planned to be out before the wedding in December. But then we had people stay with us over the wedding and that was put on hold. Early January I finally got my wish and we got to paint! Here is a before and after of just the walls. Another post will be the nursery pictures.

I emptied the nursery and taped up as much as I could before Adrien got home from work on Painting day. I couldn’t get the ceiling as it’s about a foot taller than I can reach, but everything from door level down was done and ready to go when he got home.

When I picked out the paint colour, I loved it. When I opened the can, it looked off-white. And my heart sank for a moment. I didn’t want an off-white paint. I wanted grey. Thankfully paint dries slightly darker. I am very happy with the colour.

We painted all the trim white, which is why there is still painters tape seen. It was drying when I took the pictures. But I knew if I didn’t get a picture at that moment when the paint was still drying, I wouldn’t get it at all. Because all the furniture was going right back in the room as soon as I could manage.

Stay tuned for the nursery reveal!