Pregnancy Brain

Uncategorized / Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Although there has been no scientific reason for this occurrence, it is undoubtedly suffered by all pregnant women. If you think you have never suffered from it, you probably forget, therefore are suffering right now. What is this phenomenon? Pregnancy Brain.

Can be the small things like not texting someone back, forgetting to water the plants, not picking up milk while you were out. Can also be slightly more severe, such as forgetting to cut half of your fiancee’s hair. Yeah. I said it.
Adrien needed a hair cut, if your hair is too long in the army, you get in trouble. I remember my mom cutting her significant others hair when I was growing up, and vowed I’d learn how to do such a loving, simple, money saving thing for my husband. It isn’t hard, by any means. The first few times I was a wreck. But you quickly learn that mens hair seemingly grows a trillion times faster than women. Plus, if you mess up, it’s only hair. It’ll grow back. No one tell my unborn child this, if they cut their hair as a toddler, they will pay dearly, most likely by my laughter, then a horrible haircut to cover up the mess.
So after dinner we got the hair clippers and got down to business. All was going quite swell and I finished after carefully making sure his neckline was straight. I told him to head to the bathroom and check it out. If it was a good job done, he’d just jump right into the shower and wash off all the little hairs. Well just as I was grabbing the broom to sweep up our mess, he came back into the kitchen.
Apparently I completely missed half his head. His side burn stuck out and it was a hilarious, yet unfortunate mistake of mine. THIS IS WHY WE CHECK THAT THE CUT IS GOOD. I blamed it on pregnancy brain. I’m sure it’ll pass as a good excuse, for now. Although I don’t understand how it happened, it was a simple, yet hilarious mistake.
Anyone else suffer from funny pregnancy brain?