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Lifestyle / Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Potty Training

Have I told you that we have finished potty training Gregory? I am so proud of my little man, he doesn’t even wear training pants and hasn’t for weeks! I already gave you a list of my potty training essentials in a previous post. One of those products was a Bemis Potty Training Toilet Seat. Today I wanted to give you my review on it.

Bemis Potty Training seat review

Potty Training Seats

There are many different kinds of potty training seats. For travel we use a fold-able Dora the Explorer seat we found at Walmart.

For our toilet seat in the house though, I did much research. I didn’t want the fold-able all the time at home. It would be annoying to have to get out from our Potty Pack. I also don’t care for taking the potty seat on and off.

Types of Seats

The seats below are all the seats I had considered when purchasing our home potty toilet training seat. Like I said, we have the Dora the Explorer potty seat which is great and compact for our potty pack. I highly recommend it for a travel potty seat, it’s done us good and continues to do very well while we move around and are away from our home bathroom.

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Stand Alone Potty

Stand alone potties are a good option for most parents… if you have the bathroom space. The bathroom we started potty training in was small, and I did not have floor space for a stand alone potty.

Also, I did not really look forward to emptying a bowl of poop every day. Some days more than once. The joys of potty training, you are not done dealing with wiping butts. I don’t want to wipe a toilet too.

Removable Potty Seat

My next option was this removable potty seat. I have two photographed, although there are many to choose from, like the previous option. This would be ideal if you don’t mind the effort to removing, and putting the seat back on after every potty visit.

You see, I’m lazy, I like things to be simple. And I have no where to store that seat. I don’t really want to put it on the ground, our floor gets covered in my hair whenever I brush it. I never seemed to stop shedding postpartum.

Attached Potty Seat

Suddenly I was presented with this Bemis potty training seat. It’s small and compact like the removable seats, but it doesn’t detach. It all sits very nicely on our toilet and there is literally no fussing about whenever Gregory needs to potty. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Like the previous choices, this is not the only potty training seat that can be attached to the toilet, it’s just the one I like best.

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Bemis Potty Training Toilet Seat

My niece had an attachment seat when I was a teenager and I remember we couldn’t shut the lid on the toilet when her little seat was attached. That’s another benefit I love about this Bemis toilet seat, it comes with a toilet seat lid that closes nicely and fully over the bowl.

Soft Close

The lid is a soft/quiet closing lid. Meaning no matter how hard you slam, the lid will slow down before it hits the seat. This is awesome for those middle of the night bathroom visits, and for making sure no little fingers get smashed, hard, by accident.

Magnetic Feature

The training seat is automatically attached to the underside of the toilet seat lid via a small magnet. It’s easily pulled down for toddler use, Gregory hasn’t struggled with it, yet. The little magnet is covered by a small sticker, which moves. A lot.

Like, this sticker comes off and Gregory picks at it when he sees it’s moved… it actually seems like a safety hazard. I wish I would finally superglue it like I keep telling myself I should. This seems to be a recurring problem thanks to online forum lurking.

Wooden Seat

The toilet seat is wooden, which is nice to sit on. I quite enjoy the wood over plastic. However, the wood seems to stain. Gregory is learning to aim still. And for some reason he like to climb down and check out his poop in between going and make sure it looks good or something.

I don’t know. He’s weird. He gets it from his mom. I just didn’t think I was that weird.

Thanks to that little weird thing he does, his butt scrapes on the toilet seat. Slowly but surely there are little stains showing up on the seat. Depends on how quickly I wipe clean and how often the area is abused. It isn’t a big deal, but I have noticed.

Also, the underside of the toilet seat is hard to clean. Like, when I clean the rim of the toilet in case any men in the house splashed, I need to wipe the underside of the toilet seat too. That is getting roughed up and stained really fast. It’s rather gross, but I never liked cleaning up after boys/men anyways. So I just rush as quickly as I can and try to forget the nasty.

gregory on the potty rear facing, Check it out, use white board markers on the toilet seat to entertain your toddler. Click here for more potty training tips.

Magic Markers

If you’re anything like me and like to try Pinterest Parenting Hacks, then you’ve seen the idea where you sit your child backwards on the toilet, facing the seat, and give them some magic/erasable markers to colour with.

This distracts them and hopefully allows them to sit long enough to do their business. I tried this with Gregory and he enjoyed it. We only did it once, because it stained my toilet seat lid slightly. I wouldn’t recommend this hack with this seat.

Would I Buy Again?

Would I buy this toilet seat again? Yes. Gregory has learned how to go potty, the magic marker hack doesn’t apply anymore. And the wooden toilet seat issue really doesn’t outweigh my need to a toilet seat taking up very little space in my bathroom.

Gregory is now able to pull the seat down and climb up with his stool and sit all on his own if he’s in a rush and not wanting to wait for me. Which is GREAT! I mean, that’s exactly what I want him to do. So this potty seat was a complete success. I will buy again.

Before You Go

I bought this seat on my own, I was not paid to advertise this seat. I just really like it and thought you might too. Soon after we started potty training I found it difficult to teach Gregory to pee in the toilet, so I bought him a little Urinal to use. Check for my review on that, otherwise make sure you check out how I potty trained my two year old in less than 3 months here.








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