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Lifestyle / Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Potty Training

A few weeks ago I told you that I had finished potty training Gregory. I am so proud of my little man. I feel like we’re far enough along using this product that I can give you a good review on it. If you remember my potty training essentials post, you’ll remember this product I am sharing with you here. Introducing, the Lil Jumbl Urinal for boys.

Check out this review of Lil Jumbl Potty Urinal for boys. See how this SAHM used it to potty train her 2 year old... not a sponsored post. Genuine thoughts. good.


The biggest problem I had with potty training was figuring out how to get Gregory to aim. I’m a woman, I sit and go. I had no idea how to teach a little boy. Up until now, I had taught by example. I couldn’t very well show him how to do this. And unfortunately, his father was disinclined to be an example.

Thankfully, Grandma took on the first few days of potty training duty and I didn’t have the struggle of Gregory being totally green at this. Just I was.

Turn Around

One idea I had to help Gregory make sure he got his urine in the toilet bowl and not on me, the floor or even himself, was to turn him around on the toilet. I’ve seen photos on Pinterest where you give your Little some erasable markers and let them go nuts on your toilet seat. I’ll talk about my experience with this in a later post. But the accuracy in aim was not as good as I had hoped.

I was not quick enough to point Gregory down, he was too involved with drawing, and neither of us wanted me to crowd him and point his little penis down for the 5 minutes it takes for him to go pee. Sometimes he told me he had to go poo and then peed without me being ready. It was a mess.

gregory on the potty rear facing, Check it out, use white board markers on the toilet seat to entertain your toddler. Click here for more potty training tips.

Point Down

With Gregory now facing forward, it was easier and less intrusive to help him make sure he was pointing into the toilet bowl. No one wants to be crowded while doing their business. Not even a two year old. Gregory, being the independent type, quickly starting to yell “STOP! No. Gregory do it.” and he would try. It was a proud moment, until the mess needed to be cleaned up.

That’s it! I thought. I cannot figure out how to point down. And I am tired of wiping up pee. There has GOT to be a better way.

Lil Jumbl Urinal

A quick amazon search for a little boy urinal and I came across this Lil Jumbl Potty Urinal for Boys. It looks super cute, comes in a small variety of colours, and looks to have a sort of game built in to help keep little boys aiming true. This seemed like the perfect solution.

And it has been! Seriously, I am so done with cleaning up pee from the floor. And washing my bathroom mats more often than necessary. I do not have time for that, I would rather be doing something awesome and more fun.

How to Mount

The Lil Jumbl comes with suction cups and sticky circles to mount on the back of the urinal and attach to either a wall or tile/tub. I have a small bathroom, my bathtub is small, the ledge was too low to attach the urinal and have it tall enough for Gregory to use. Our Toilet didn’t have access to the side for him to get around and use, so my only option to hang our urinal was to mount it on the wall.

Suction cups do not work on the wall, and the sticky circles seem to have slipped a bit since I first put them up a few weeks ago. I am thinking that if I have to move this urinal, for whatever reason, I will take off the sticky circles, eyes and use a nail to secure it. The eyes may or may not make it back on to make it look cute, but at least I know this thing will be secure and not fall down with the slightest touch or weight from pee.

Check out this review of Lil Jumbl Potty Urinal for boys. See how this SAHM used it to potty train her 2 year old... not a sponsored post. Genuine thoughts. good.

How to Use

Simply walk your son up to the urinal, lower their pants and underwear a little and wait for them to go. Gregory likes to get right up close to the urinal, I hope he doesn’t do that in public washrooms.

There is a cute little spinner that your Little can aim with his stream, it may or may not spin when he hits it. Gregory has only managed to make it spin a few times. Whether it needs a strong stream or he doesn’t hit it at the ‘sweet spot’, I’m not sure. When it does spin, it’s always a celebration. Spinning toy aside, the urinal still catches everything and Momma is one happy gal.

How to Clean

Cleaning the urinal is as simple as removing the insert from the mounted wall piece and emptying the insert into the toilet. I rinse the urinal with water and then wash it whenever I clean the bathroom, which is quite often.

Gregory is full on ‘I’ll do it myself’ mode and he often tries to empty the insert on his own. He has done it, several times successfully too. I caught him and took over a few times, afraid he’ll spill, but he hasn’t to date. I should learn to trust my little man a little more. He’s pretty amazing and always surprising me with how skilled he is at such a young age.

Check out this review of Lil Jumbl Potty Urinal for boys. See how this SAHM used it to potty train her 2 year old... not a sponsored post. Genuine thoughts. good.

Final Thoughts

I definitely love this Lil Jumbl Urinal for Boys Potty Training. I highly recommend it to any parent who is training a boy. The ease of use and no longer needing to clean up the bathroom 5 times a day has been such a joy. The minor mounting problem seems so easily fixable for the payoff. Maybe the suction cups work better, I may never find out unless I get access to a new bathroom.

This has been my favourite purchase, most essential piece to potty training success with Gregory. Even he doesn’t hesitate to run to the bathroom now. He can do it on his own with ease. Pulling his pants and underwear down just enough, and pulling them back up on his own. What a guy!

Before You Go

I bought this product with my own money, it cost about $20 or $30 before shipping and tax if I recall. If I ever have another son in the distance future and do not have this urinal still, I will buy it again. That’s how much I enjoy this product. If you have a son, or know someone who has one… or maybe you’re a grandparent who needs an easier way for your grandchildren to do their business in your house, try this urinal out. It’s RAD.

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