This Rad Week

Lifestyle / Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

I seriously can’t wait to post my nursery pictures. There are still a few things that need to be hung on the walls, and I’m waiting for my diapers that I ordered to arrive so I can organize on the change table. But Man oh man do I love that room. I go in and sit down on my Chaise and relax, read or fall asleep. Can’t wait to bring Bean home and have the baby that the room belongs to!

One of my gifts I got from my MOH was a gift card to Aerie. So I headed out and bought myself a comfy bra this week. It’s basically a sports bra, and I am in heaven, no more underwires for me. Next bra purchase I am sure will be a maternity. Something that I LOVE about Aerie right now is their new campaign. This is what we need to see more of in the world. Their models are both curvy and skinny, have smooth skin, lumps and bumps, boobs, butts. They represent everyone and that is what we need. I am happy to shop here and support a cause like this.

I had another hospital appointment for my infusions this week. My doctor told me to check in through the ER as my appointment was ‘after hours’. 8pm doesn’t seem late to me, but when most of the patients have eaten at 5 and are told to sleep by 8, I guess it is after hours.

The ER attendant took one look at me and said ‘you’re pregnant. Aren’t you?’ I almost replied with no, I ate dinner and my stomach seems to have exploded. But realized where I was and figured it wouldn’t be a funny joke. Once upstairs the nurse couldn’t insert the IV, and had to call someone to help. I now sport two very nice bruises, one on each forearm where they tried to stick the needles. One more round… that’s all. I hate needles, and hate having them re-stick it so many times. ONCE MORE then I am done… hopefully.

I headed down to the library this week and browsed for some books to read. It has been a very long time since I was last there and I’ve been thinking lately I should get back into reading. I very much enjoy it and once Bean is here and I’m up feeding and snuggling him all night and day, I hope to have something to distract me when time seems to drag on forever. Something other than a screen. Well apparently I missed reading because I finished two books in one day. I’m on my third now and expect to head back over there sometime this weekend to exchange my books.

Have Any book recommendations?