Reaction to Baby’s First Smile

Lifestyle / Saturday, April 26th, 2014
My reaction when I say I see my newborn smile all the time, but people say it is only gas
Adriens reaction after someone says that to me
Me trying to get the baby to laugh, I’m all like
This is Gregory trying to get his mouth to work
But when he doesn’t and my husband declares Gregory is still to young, I’m all like
The moment when I knew it would happen, and Gregory’s face started to change I was all like
Then his smile appeared all smooth and rehearsed like
I over-reacted anyways; I screamed and laughed out loud of joy like
Gregory was scared momentarily from me and was like
Adriens reaction when he saw Gregory smile
And Gregory reacts like
Everytime I whip out the camera to take a picture or video of his new smile and Gregory glares at me
And when I hear the camera click and I think I finally got him smiling
When I look at the blurry photo
Now everytime I am playing with Bean and he is starting to smile, Adrien comes over and is all like