Reaction to Baking and the Gym

Fitness / Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
Deciding it was time to bake, actually bake some proper goods, using proper baking eqiupment.


Going shopping, alone, and getting side tracked by… EVERYTHING
Going home and having to clean the kitchen so I can make it dirty again.


Feeling accomplished even before I start baking
Measuring ingredients and suddenly second guessing how many teaspoons I put in after I had to stop mid-measurement to check on the baby


Upon a half second thought, I decided this was my opinion on the matter.


Putting it in the oven and not being sure if they will turn out

My husband is all over them asking to try one


I make the topping and serve one. His first reaction is all like


Few days later I decide to go to the gym for the first time since giving birth.
Trying to think of more reasons not to actually leave the house (and baby), I’m all like
Driving away from the house, this is what I think I will come back to


I get to the gym and no one is there, I’m all like

So I get my workout on , and enjoy not being so self conscious for being a weakling at the gym.


Two days after the gym, I still feel sore…