Reactions to babys First Shots

Lifestyle / Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
On the day of shots I woke up and was all like
Talking to Gregory about what we’re doing that day and I say no shots for you today, decided against them…
Driving to the appointment I try to act oblivious to the fact that I am about to willingly let some stranger stab my baby
Walking up to the building, Adrien looks at me and is all like
We walk into the room and nurse says I look nervous
Inside room the nurse is going over shot details, formalities and whatnot and I’m all like
When she starts to state the risks from the shots I hesitate and am all like
Upon seeing the needle being prepped for use, I am relieved that it isn’t going to be inserted into me for once.
I realize it is for Gregory instead though…
Adrien looks at me like
During the shots he cries and cries telling us to stop :'(
And I’m sitting in the corner watching this all go down as Adrien holds my sweet baby
Its done, I get handed the baby and we are like
Gregory whimpers to me telling me how it hurt and asking why I let them do it
And then we just continue to hug it out and walk away from the people who made us have all those feels.