Reactions to Dinner, Alcohol and a Goodbye

Lifestyle / Thursday, May 8th, 2014
We went out to dinner to say goodbye to a friend who was moving.
When Gregory woke up and I took him out of the car seat to hold, the waiter was all like
Last time I saw some people I was pregnant, and their reaction to seeing me with a baby and no belly
Adrien ordered a beer and I don’t like beer. I made him order another drink that I liked so I could have a sip


When the waiter stated he too got satisfaction from ‘girlie’ fruity drinks, I was all like
When we got the drink and Adrien was about to take his first sip, I was like
My tastebuds reaction
When I told Adrien how amazing it was to taste alcohol again after so long, he was all like
When I told my girlfriends who I used to party with how great it tastes and it has been so long since those days, their reactions were like
But then we all realized I was only having a sip, and couldn’t indulge as they were
When Adrien ordered and the waiter said his dish would sit heavy, Adrien was all like


After a few bites when the waiter came back and asked how it was, Adrien was like
When he asked how my salad was
The view was so perfect out the window I realized it had been about a year since I had been downtown last
Realizing we have to start being more outgoing and be more of a person than just new parents
But when I looked around the restaurant at all the obnoxious people who are getting drunk at a table beside us who see my baby and they’re like
And I’m all like
After dinner we hug our friend who is moving away goodbye
And it was sad, because she is leaving to a city where she’ll be all alone
But then Adrien and I decide a road trip is in order