Reactions to Royals, George and Parkour

Lifestyle / Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
When the royal wedding was announced, I took in information about the wedding like a vacuum, but on the outside I liked to troll them and poke fun at that 7 year wait like…
When the pregnancy was announced, I was all like
When baby was born and I said they better not name him George because I liked that name and it would be over used if the royal baby was George, and they still named him George…
Not seeing any photos of the baby… EVER
The announcement of the Australia tour meant we would see more of George
This is the George I was presented with
My reaction to seeing a very happy, squirming, Royal baby
Then, during his morning play session, Gregory decides to flail his arms and legs about. The same as George and its amazing and I can’t handle my excitement.
Parkour Gregory (Think on his back, but arms and legs still going. And not a cat.)
When I look at Gregory during his regular morning ‘sessions’ and ask him if he is my parkour/mountain climber expert, he smiles at me and is all like