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Recipes / Monday, November 7th, 2016

Experimenting in the Kitchen

As you may know, I am not the most skilled chef out there. But as a young mom who is leveling up her skillz, I’m impressing my ability to recognize and create yummy dishes from my fridge. #LevelUp

Today I wanted to share with you this yummy Apple Cinnamon Tortilla recipe. It’s basically dessert, but pretend it’s healthy because it’s apples.

Apple Cinnamon Tortilla recipe. Is it perfect for breakfast or dessert? It's perfect for the holidays!

Tortillas & Wraps

I am a big fan of eating wraps. They are so versatile. There are many ways to wrap a wrap and I wanted to give you a quick low-down on the preferred way to wrap your Apple and Cinnamon Tortilla. Because even thought it’s simple, I had done it ‘wrong’ and paid the price. Here, let me help you.

In my photos on this post you’ll see that I wrapped my tortilla one way, and cut it in half for photos. DON’T DO THIS! Man oh man was it ever messy to eat. Previously, I had wrapped my tortilla as shown in the photo below. I highly recommend this method over any other. It was the least messy, and most enjoyable way to shovel it into my mouth as fast as I could.

How to Wrap a tortilla shell. Perfect for this apple cinnamon tortilla meal that is basically dessert that you can convince yourself is breakfast.

Apple Season

I’m a big fan of Autumn apple season. I wanted to take Gregory and go apple picking this year, but have settled for making some super yummy apple recipes.

For this recipe I’ve always used Gala apples. They are the round red apples that are sweet. Green apples are tart, and may make a fast apple pie option. I don’t care for the tart, but if you try out another type of apple, let me know your thoughts on it.

Apple Cinnamon Tortilla is perfect for breakfast... or is it a dessert?

Apple Cinnamon Tortilla

I think one of the great things about this recipe is that it is easily adaptable. Meaning every time I’ve made it, I’ve done something a little different and it turns out to be my new favourite version of this dish.

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1/2 Apple

Cream Cheese

Tortilla Shells

Almond Slices

Ground Cinnamon

Whip Cream (Optional)

Caramel Sauce (Optional)

Honey (Optional)

Peanut Butter (Optional)

Ingredients for Apple Cinnamon Tortilla breakfast treat


Step One: Peel apple skin and slice apples into thin slices.

Step Two: Cut thin slices of cream cheese from cheese block and place on tortilla shell.

Step Three: Arrange apple slices and almond slices over cheese on tortilla.

Step Four: Add a pinch of ground cinnamon, fold tortilla shell.

Step Five: Cook in  pan on the stove until brown on all sides.

Step Six: Add toppings like whip cream and caramel sauce, stuff you face.

Step Seven: Repeat steps 2-5 with left over ingredients and enjoy that food baby.
Apple Cinnamon Tortilla is perfect for breakfast... or is it a dessert?

Dressing your Treat

I have made this recipe as a plain apple, almonds and cream cheese wrap and enjoyed it as a simple dish. If you’re looking for simple and easy, skip the cinnamon and toppings.

But if you’re looking to make this a treat, don’t be afraid to try some out some ideas. I’ve used caramel sauce, whipped cream and cinnamon to dress my tortilla. Honey, peanut butter and or sugar would also be nice options.

The more you add, the more I feel this becomes dessert and less a breakfast. I mean, I’ll still call it breakfast so I can eat it before 8 AM, but I might have to start using this recipe as a holiday breakfast. It just seems like too much of a treat to be considered a regular breakfast.

Let me know your thoughts on this breakfast, is it a dessert? Or just a special breakfast ‘treat’?

Apple Cinnamon Tortilla is perfect for breakfast... or is it a dessert? Apple Cinnamon Tortilla is perfect for breakfast... or is it a dessert?

Cooking Tips

There aren’t a lot of cooking tips for this recipe, it’s pretty straight forward. You can throw some butter in the frying pan when you’re cooking the tortilla. I used a pair of tongs to flip and hold the wrap in place to get all sides of the wrap brown.

I suggest laying out the cream cheese at the ‘bottom’ end of the wrap like I have pictured. When you cook the wrap, ensure you hold the wrap up right and cook the bottom of the tortilla so that the cheese melts in the bottom folds that always are just dough in your mouth at the end of your meal.

Seriously, your last bites are going to be just as good as the first this way.

Cooking doesn’t take much time at all. And as long as you don’t turn up the heat past medium, you’re apples will also get warmed and become softer to bite into when you stuff your face.

I keep saying stuff your face because it’s so good that you’ll just stuff your face with this tortilla. I should know. I stuffed my face big time.

Apple Cinnamon Tortilla is perfect for breakfast... or is it a dessert? Apple Cinnamon Tortilla is perfect for breakfast... or is it a dessert?

Before You Go

I hope you enjoyed my Apple Cinnamon Tortilla recipe. It doesn’t take long to make and it comes with a lot of options for it to be made into your own personal family masterpiece. Let me know your recipe in the comments and if you think it’s a breakfast or dessert.

Are you in need of an actual meal idea that also includes apples? Check out this Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich that has me slicing apples almost everyday. Super yummy, I recommend you give it a try.



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