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Not-So Sloppy Joe’s

When I was growing up there was always a shelf in the kitchen that had a stack of cook books filled with recipes that I, honestly, rarely ever saw made. Whenever one was opened, even just to browse, it was a magical experience. Today with Pinterest making it so easy to find one of many versions of a recipe you are looking for that your whole family will enjoy. It’s just so easy.

My parents have recently moved and my mom gave me one of those cookbooks that carry a lot of memories for me. I would always beg my mom to let me cook a meal, and a recipe from this specific cook book. And that recipe was always ‘Not so sloppy joe’s’. I loved making it, I loved the simplicity, it was fairly yummy and the book was the best part.

This old cook book from the 80's still makes me smile as an adult. These fun recipes are awesome took make, check out this sloppy joe's meal you can make with your kids.

Kids Cooking – A Very Slightly Messy Manual

The book belonged to my sister originally, but I don’t think she minds if I hold onto it for a short time to take some photos and write down the recipes. I believe we have a new Little Chef Trinity in the family that can use some recipes to work off of. This will make it to you by the end of this year Sweetie, I promise. This baby will stay in our family for a long time to come I hope.

Easy Sloppy Joe’s

This is an easy recipe to get your child involved in, or an easy recipe to throw together quickly, like I did this night. Using what was required, and throwing in some extra ingredients I had on hand made this a delicious meal that had my Bean scarfing down seconds in no time. I lurve these kinds of meals. The ones that are so golden I know this will become a favourite for a while.

Check out this easy and versatile sloppy joe's recipe.


1 lb  Ground Beef

2 Tblsp  Mustard

1/4 C  Ketchup

1 tsp  garlic powder

3 green onions

Bread or Buns

OPTIONAL: Carrots, mushrooms, spinnach, lettuce, cheese, zhuchinni, bell pepper, ground pepper, paprika, cayenne



Step 1: chop your green onion into small pieces. Also, chop any other vegetables you wish to add into relatively small pieces.

Step 2: Cook ground beef until brown with chopped green onions. Remove as much fat from pan as possible.

Step 3: Add ketchup, mustard, seasonings and finely chopped vegetables of choice into pan and mix.

NOTE: depending on how many vegetables you add, you may need to increase your measurements in this step.

Step 4: Mix together and simmer until vegetables are tender. Take your time, let the flavours soak in. The longer you wait, the softer the extra vegetables will be.

Step 5: Spread mix onto toasted bread or bun and serve.

Sloppy Joe's for dinner tonight! It's easy and versatile. Throw in whatever vegetables you've got in the fridge and you've got yourself a delicious meal!

Optional Vegetables

I really enjoy this recipe because I can add in the extra vegetables. Whichever ones I have on hand, they add so much to this simple recipe. Also, it’s a great way to hide veg that a Little doesn’t like. It’s soft, small and mixed in, they may not notice what exactly they are eating. Which is good! We all need some recipes that help us trick our Littles into eating. Try this one out and see if it’s a HIT in your house.

I’ve done this recipe several times, each time it ends up tasting and looking a little different. The main recipe I wrote is the generic version. The OPTIONAL, you should always know, I’ve added at one point or another to testify it’s a good addition to the recipe. You can also add things I haven’t listed and let me know in the comments so I can add it into my recipe next time. Sharing is Caring!

Extra Sauce

As I stated in the instructions, the more veg you add, the more sauce you’ll need to make. Also, the longer you let the food simmer, the dryer it may become. So this is all trial and error, and it needs to be modified to suit your specific needs. Which isn’t as scary as it seems. You can still stick to the simple recipe and skip all the optionals to save the effort.

Creating the sauce is the fun part I think. You can add it to a bowl, mix together and taste before cooking into the meat sauce. OR you can just throw it all into the pot and throw in a little extra as you cook and hope for the best. I partake in the latter cooking style.

Yummy Sloppy Joe's for dinner, or lunch. It's so versatile, and your kids will love it!

Extras for your Sloppy Joe

I know, I know. Another ‘extra’. This extra is for your bun though. Or bread. Sloppy Joe’s are great just as the recipe adventure above, or you can add some extras to your Joe like…. cheese. Mmmmmmm. Goat cheese, feta cheese, cheddar cheese… Mmmmm. Add some lettuce, spinnach, maybe a slice of tomato, the options are endless. Make it a Sloppy Joe’s Burger. These are the types of meals that are most fun for kids. Because they can customize it, it’s finger food, it’s purposefully messy, and it’s delicious.

Before You Go

Let me know what you think about this Sloppy Joe’s recipe, and what variations you tried out with your family. I’m so excited to try out a few more recipes in this book before I pass it on to the next generation of family chefs. Maybe my Bean will manage to see it when he starts cooking on the stove in a few years… or a decade. Haha.

And as a treat for making it all the way to the bottom, here is the original recipe. I encourage you to cook this meal as the assistant and let your Little Chef do as much as they can. It’s a life skill, cooking. And as long as they are old enough to understand safety, I think it’s a great skill to be taught. Enjoy!

Cook this Not so Sloppy Joe's recipe with the Little Chef in your family. It's not to bad tasting, and you can check out this blog post where this mom gives you great variations to this recipe to make it a delicious meal everyone will enjoy.

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