Recipe – PB&J French Toast

Recipes / Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Yesterday was National Walking Day, today is Peanut Butter and Jelly Day! When I looked up an alternative to April fools day I also remembered that there are a ton of fun little holidays we can celebrate and ‘buy’ in to… our own rad way. I’m so excited for PB&J day. Here’s what we did to celebrate.

Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast 

This was so yummy. I was originally planning on doing a pancake PB&J sandwich, but decided to go straight for the bread because peanut butter is messy enough as it is. I made regular french toast and spread PB&J on top. I put on my bunny ears and mask and went full on Master Bunny Chef for Gregory… he loved it.


It was delicious, but really filling. I ended up putting a ziploc bag in the fridge with two slices for a snack later in the day. Warmed up in the microwave, this tastes great with some yogurt as well. While I cleaned up the kitchen and the boys were playing, I made a special dessert just for Adrien and myself for tonight. PB&J ice cream! But not just any ice cream, homemade banana ice cream! We haven’t tried it yet, it’s still freezing. I am so excited.

That was our rad PB&J day, hope you celebrated and enjoyed one of the more simpler things in life. This was Gregory’s first taste of peanut butter… we’re still keeping an eye out for any reactions. Fingers crossed! He seemed fine all day so far.