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Recipes / Friday, June 3rd, 2016

check out these 2 ingredient, healthy, easy and delicious raspberry coconut popsicles. So good you'll be making them all summer to enjoy.


If your house is anything like my house, then you’ve got a freezer full of popsicles at all times. If you don’t, then you’re in major crisis mode. I’m not entirely sure why, but our RAD family loves popcicles. We can’t get enough of our ‘pop pops’ as my Gregory calls them. Its the first thing he asks for in the morning, and he doesn’t stop until he’s fallen asleep. Yeah, they’re a big deal in our house.

Today I am showing you my current favourite make-it-yourself popsicle, a raspberry coconut pop. I love it because it’s so simple and so yummy. That coconut water is so good. Having it frozen also makes me not have to pee as badly.

TMI? When I drink coconut water my bladder shrinks. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a property in the drink… I’ll suffer the pregnancy-like-bladder symptoms and drink my coconut water everyday though. It’s just too good to pass it up.

I’m that Kind of Mom

I’m the kind of mom who will sit and eat 5 popsicles with my kid in one sitting on a hot summer day… well, I haven’t yet, but I’d be that mom when it comes to the heat waves that arrive this summer. I’m also the mom who doesn’t really want to be letting my kid get too much sugar and artificial colouring/flavouring from store bought popsicles.

Those Rocket popsicles are great, but all that red and blue dye cannot be good for you. Oh, and don’t get me started on those delicious Itzakadoozie’s. That’s a RAD mom favourite from childhood thanks to my mom.

Being the type of mom who is slightly aware of what she shoves into her kids mouth, I’ve realized that not all store bought popsicles are the greatest for your child. Again, it’s that extra sugar, colour and flavouring that isn’t real that makes me want to say ‘no thanks.’ But that really isn’t a phrase I can say in my house when it comes to popsicles.

So I’ve come up with a simple solution so I can monitor what goes into my popsicles. DIY them. Make them at home. Super easy, so versatile, and if we ever run low or completely out of popsicles, it takes minutes to prepare and a few hours to freeze a new batch.

Making popsicles at home is easy, check out this two ingredient healthy popsicle recipe that you're whole family will love.


Coconut Water

Frozen Raspberries


Popsicle Tray

Make this two ingredient popsicle this summer to refresh yourself. Come on, coconut water is great for you.

Raspberries in a popsicle, make me two! Try this two ingredient popsicle recipe this summer and feel refreshed!


Step 1: I buy my raspberries fresh from the store, as a result I rinse and freeze mine to start. This makes step two way easier.

Step 2: Remove frozen strawberries from freezer, break (re: crush, squish, take apart) the raspberries so you have a large amount of individual berry kernels. Is that what they are called?

Step 3: Put raspberry into popsicle tray. Add coconut water to the rim. The Raspberries will float.

Step 4: Put popsicle stick into popsicle tray and freeze.

Step 5: When frozen, remove from freezer and enjoy.

As I stated above, the making of these popsicles is super easy. This recipe has actually made me say ‘sure, why not’ several mornings when Gregory wakes and asks to have one before noon. It’s all healthy, and as long as he is eating his breakfast alongside, I see no problem with a popsicle in the morning. Yep. I’m #thatRADmom who let her 2 year old have a popsicle at 8AM. Judge me.

My Little Helper

I have my toddler help me make these popsicles almost every time, and he loves eating the finished product even more because he remembers us making them and tells me all about it while we ‘cheers’ and take a bite.

I’m excited to try making other flavours of popsicles, I made a smoothie one day and Gregory didn’t finish his. So I put his leftover drink into a popsicle mould and made a smoothie pop. It was delicious and only confirmed my thoughts that it is easy to make healthy popsicles at home.

Did I mention that this is cheap and easy? I’m definitely going to try a strawberry coconut pop, and branch out from these two-ingredient popsicles. I really love the easy factor when I create treats and meals for our RAD family. I’ve got better things to do than stand in the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking and leveling up my cooking skill. But during the summer there are just so many more activities that are calling my name, asking for attention. Quick, easy and cheap are my go-to solutions.

Popsicle trays with a straw is the only way to make popsicles at home... Actually it should be the only way to eat a popsicle. It's a life save... or shall I say a popsicle saver.

Popsicle Trays

I  have two different popsicle trays. One set I bought from the dollar store, which is where I recommend you go if you’re in the need of a set for yourself. Head down the camping/outdoor/summer aisle and you’ll find a wide variety. You might even spot a Frozen or TMNT theme for your Little if they’re obsessed with that sort of thing.

The popsicle tray you see in the photo I was gifted from my mom. I absolutely love them because it’s a popsicle holder that collects the juices as it melts. Then, you can suck up the popsicle juices from the straw that sticks outs the side. It’s wicked awesome for kids… and adults who eat too slow.

I’ve found one similar on Amazon, CLICK HERE or search these “popsicle molds with straw”  I even got the American spelling for you, but it’s an Amazon Canada Link. You should find a decent selection to chose from. I highly recommend you search for a mould with a straw. It’s a lifesaver.. or popsicle saver.

Check out these healthy raspberry coconut popsicles that your toddler will be loving this summer. And you too, cause it's HEALTHY! Gregory loves his Raspberry Coconut pops, and so does mommy. because they are healthy AND easy to make. Only 2 ingredients!

Popsicles in the morning? Check out this two ingredient, healthy popsicle recipe that has this mom caving to her toddlers request of popsicles pre-10AM!!!

How do you save time in the kitchen during the summer/ warmer months? I would love some tips and ideas that’ll give me more time to play with Gregory outside. Sharing is caring. Let me know your popsicle concoction you create, and let me know if you’re Little is as obsessed with them as mine is. Don’t forget to check out my other 2-ingredient recipe for Yam Chips .


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