Relactation – Week 3

Lifestyle / Monday, May 4th, 2015

This week on our RAD relactation

Did you say it like a day time soap opera intro? Ah well…. I have some good news and bad news to share about this weeks relactation process. But first, if you haven’t read the intro, first week, or second week, click through the links if you would like, otherwise let’s move on. I’d like to give you this photo in hope to give you a friendly reminder. Not only does skin to skin contact help get baby interested in breastfeeding again, but it helps your body produce lactating hormones.
Monday Nothing new happened, usual 6am pump and every 2-3 hours after that. I did finish my game plan on how I was going to take my milk boosting herbs, Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle.Tuesday Nothing new, I was supposed to start the herbs today, I did not and that is the start of the bad news.

Wednesday I took the fenugreek and blessed thistle in a smoothie and it tasted like farm. The fenugreek is not the problem like I first anticipated. I do not like blessed thistle. I slept on the floor beside Gregory’s bed tonight in hopes to gain some extra contact for milk production.
Thursday I decided to try and eat the herbs, and I ended up gagging and spitting out the food with blessed thistle. I was so deterred from it for the rest of the day, I forgot to pump. This is more bad news. It was my own neglect. I have decided to re-plan how I am taking my blessed thistle. Lots of snuggles tonight which definitely helped end a dreadful day of relactation. Le sigh.

Friday Nothing new, normal 6am pump, regular drops of milk like the duration of the week. Tonight I slept beside Gregory, both of us were shirtless to enhance our skin to skin contact.
Saturday Nothing new during the day, in the early hours of the morning I moved to Gregory’s bed to cuddle after he stirred. Again, I went shirtless skin to skin contact and he latched on several times in the midst of his sleep, and in the morning when he woke. The latch didn’t last, but it was there, and that is good news.
Sunday Gregory reaches and tried to nurse multiple times a day. I doubt he gets much as the latch doesn’t last, but the interest is there again, and he seems eager. We just took a step forward in this process, this is great news.So overall it was a great week I’d have to say. I did have a mishap on the pumping, and the herbal supplements, but I’m only human. I’m prone to making mistakes, and I love trial and error. I keep at it until it’s right. Sometimes I take a break to get a look at the bigger picture, but I think I come back better than ever.

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